anybody else have this problem?

i have a problem where i cum without even touching myself! i can be sat in a restaurant, in a park, in my bed, at uni, at work, whenever and wherever! if i see a hot girl or something that turns me on, i can cum, it takes less than seconds, almost instantaneous i see the girl and i cum!

its extremely embarassing! it was bad enough when it happened just before i would have sex, causing me to have to wait five mins before i cud actually begin (baring in mind thats longer than i actually last during sex, it was very annoying) but now that its started happening in normal day to day life, its becoming too much!

i was just wondering if anybody else has ever had this problem? and if so did they figure out how to stop it? any help would be greatly appeciated! i know im never gonna be the worlds best lover or sex god! but i would at least like to not cum in my pants wen i see a hot girl!
Wow..... I just dont lnow what to say... but I do think that sometimes people should keep things ALOT more private.. just a thought!