Any white women aroused by a black male dominating hubby/partner?

Would love to know if any white women would actually get turned on by being in a bedroom where a big black male dominates both her and her white male partner?
Where the domination of the white male is not sexual but is exhibited by controlling the white male's sexual access to his wife/partner or verbal humiliation of the white male.
Yes, with my ex I would have enjoyed this, and it was my fantasy. With my husband... no. Can't imagine him ever submitting to anyone, but he's not caucasian, he's latino. So it depends...
Absolutely, it's a regular part of our experience with other men. Having another man enjoy total control of my body while expressing contempt and control over my husband is exciting for us both, a chance to totally surrender we don't get in our "regular" lives.

Mariposa blanca

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To me, marrying someone and then denying them sex while making them watch you with another guy is just cruel. I'd wonder what the point was of staying married to him. I personally wouldn't be attracted to someone who wanted to be humiliated (and would not continue with the relationship if that came up later on). It's just not something I'm into.