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Any white bois or sissies taking Estrogen

I wonder if any women have put this stuff in their partners drinks without them knowing in order to slowly change and be more submissive? Would the guys notice?
THe powder could be added to food or drink but eventually it will revealed as your nipples begin to tingle ache and grow. The psychological impact of knowing you are being feminized is needed IMO.
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Here you can see one of my new titties and my shrinking impotent and sterile penis. It has taken 10 months at a fairly low dose to grow my breasts. Impotence began to set in about 3 or 4 months. Side effects are very few in comparison to synthetic hormones and it is a reasonable price. It is fascinating to experience growing breasts but also a bit scary at times. I need the encouragement of my mistress and especially the insistence of
A real man to surrender to his virile penis and potent sperm.
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Thank you for raising this topic. This type of treatment would not be for everyone. It has always seemed like many on this site and out in the world are into swinging and hot wife and not a more extreme cuckolding. But there is something to be said for going all the way with your cuckolding. This is a way to get there.

Cuckolding for us started with my wife finally admitting that she was really only attracted to black men. She still does not fully understand it but I have always wondered if there is some chemical or something that just makes the black men better. I had to admit that I liked the idea of having a wife who was a "naughty" girl. I also liked the idea of staying connected but not having the pressure to try and perform. Chastity. This was all enhanced by size issues at 2 inches tops. This is the one place where if you are tiny it may be a plus. But even that can be a threat to a more extreme cuckolding situation. The wife is always worried that you may want to do something that she does not want. And the black men in her life are distrustful. With the help of a friend we considered some supplements to eliminate the threat. This started to work but we ended up advancing to some hormonal type therapy. This has resulted in a total inability to erect. This would probably horrify many of the men but it can be a major enhancement to have desire and jealousy and all of that and to not be able to do anything. I am not sure it makes the penis shrink but it seems that way. Everything seems small except the breasts and maybe some fat distribution and softening of lines. The breasts get a little sore and grow. Not to a huge size but enough to move around. This makes you feel vulnerable and always focuses your mind on what you are not and how your wife will respond to your changes. Fantasy becomes reality because it has to. You have made the commitment.Your mind changes a bit also. You become more submissive and compliant. You really develop more respect for what the black men in your wife's life can do that you cannot.

The physical changes that you go through on hormones, or to a lesser extent supplements, will complicate life. The breast enlargement is something that actually is exciting. Maybe the mental changes make it that way. But you also have to hide them some in the vanilla world. The possible shrinking of your penis and inability to erect is a mental turn on. The main benefits are to your wife and her lover or lovers. The men seem to be more accepting of your role when they know you are not able to do anything. It is not a gay thing at all. Maybe it makes you a sissy. I am not sure what that term even means. I like to think it just makes you a 100% cuckold. Your wife will become less inhibited and her sex life is much better. And at the end of the day that is what this is about. Physical sex for her. Sex for the black men that she is attracted to. And the mental part of it for the cuckold. Supplements help. Hormones do more. I suppose surgery would be the most extreme thing but that seems a little crazy to me.

I hope I hope some others have experiences to relate. I would be interested in how other women feel about this. Is it a good thing from your point or not? I also would be interested in how the black men feel. I know you are not concerned about the white boys but does it help to know that there is no possibility of them actually having sex with your woman?
Hot topic! I have asked hubby about it before and he says he isn't ready for that yet. I would love for him to have tits, but I think I would miss his cock too. It might be small but it's good ;)
No problem just ease off on the pills and penis function will return. Once you have a reliable stud to satisfy all your needs just bump up the dosage again and turn him into a real pussyboi!