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Any Swinger's/ or clubs in Indiana?

Ti Grès

Real Person
My fiance and I are a interracial also looking for stingers clubs anywhere between Louisville and Chicago[/QUgood to know you're looking for the same thing too, I've friends in Louisville I go see once in a while maybe we can keep in touch. Where exactly you located?
Clothing optional resort called Sun Aura in Roselawn, Indiana. A lot of swinging on the weekends....usually some black bulls around for those of us who have the "taste"
Been there a few times. Great fun for swingers, but very few BBC when we were there. Mostly couples and some old perverted men wankin it to people having outdoor sex.

There were some decent hung white guys looking for couples. At least she see what she was going to get upfront.
Its not a swingers club but we have had a lot of fun at Ike and Jonesy's downtown.
I actually met my very 1st BBC there. Friday and Saturdays and the best nights, you wont be disappointed.