Any Site for Men Who Want Black Dick in Them?


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Denver is a fairly large city with plenty of different races and sexual behaviors. From my experience some areas of the country are more open to various sexual activities such as fucking the husband along with the wife. Atlanta also is a pretty open place
Fair enough. We just haven't found the interracial sweets spot in denver yet I guess.... We will keep looking
I'm from Houston and I have a couple of black daddies I service we just don't have sex we make love to each other. My bulls are gorgeous mature and lovely one Is 8.5" thick in cut big cock head and my other is 9" very thick big balls and they both cum a lot. They are both married like me and they love my shaved smooth ass. I enjoy when they breed me I love it and they both are multipal cummers.
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This site is amazing
Nothing makes me happier than knowing so many women submit to black men.
Or seeing so many black men know how gorgeous they are.
And especially seeing black men and women of all colors put the rest of us men in our place.
But is there a website for us guys looking to submit and service?
Like a place I can put my name and pictures on so black men can hit me up and I can give myself to a new one every day?
Or one where I can have hardcore conversations with superior bbc about my devotion to them?
I know for me, i love it. Have been lucky enough to been around the right people at the right times. I also have a nice deep round firm very feminine ass, that has probably been the biggest thing that has gotten me some BBC, my having a nice ass women have been jealous of. I have been into ass play since puberty, and twice a day i play with dildos, excellent leg, ass and back workout btw. As a result, i can take a good pounding, for a long time, and have a quick turn around even after being gangbanged.

I have been lucky enough to have been with tested clean disease free people and doing so without condoms. I find i can take for more dicking sans condom than with condoms.

Pretty much just gotta be in the right place at the right time. Plenty of hung black guys who enjoy dominating white men, because it helps some vent frustrations over racial issues.

Just remember, a larger cock takes more practice, consistently, to be able to handle well. I have had women pegging me since i was 17. Worked up to being able to take a BBC with very little immediate workup and need nowhere near as much lube, especially if i am being fucked a few times a day. Gangbangs, well between cum and my drool and slobber and my own cum that drips out my shriveled tiny submissive bitch dick when being dominated and fucked good, i dont use much of any. If i am currently some BBCs bitch, i always have my ass prelubed and ready to rock with some silicone lube. I am to the point i can just put some lube up in and around my sissy slut hole, and just past the head on a 12 inch long 3 inch thick beast, and leaning forward turning my toes in to spread my butch booty, take him balls deep with decent pace, and have him pounding me good hard and fast within seconds. I loved being made a bitch by BBC, and want my wife to experience the joys of such, and the joy of having cum inside you at any given moment is a fulfilling one. My first BBC was a roommate, who fucked me multiple times, and shared me with friends. He also fucked my GF when she would be over. Spent over 2 years of him taking me when he wanted, and i was a good little bitch, and serviced him well. Loved how he fucked me, and it only got better once he decided him and his friend from HS were both going to DP me. His friend was 10" long and as thick as a 8.4 oz red bull can. My roommate was a foot long as thick as a 16 oz redbull can. Another friend of his i enjoyed had a 8 inch log cock thicker than a soda can. They all shot big loads, especially the 8" guy. My roomie fucked me, then soda can, and as i sucked my roomie and his 10" friend, i fisted my own booty. I climbed onto 10" friend and quickly and easily slid down his shaft. And rode him while my roomie got some lube, and i licked soda cans dick clean. Wehn roomie got up behind me, he told me today they would finally get in there. They did. Soda cans thick squat cock stretched me out enoughfor them to work both inside. They went slow at first, as my immediate orgasm, and multiple mini slutty bitch orgasms would cause me to tighten, and after a first slow 5 minites they picked up the pace and i seriously sounded like a woman having the most intense orgasm ever. They both came twice inside me without stopping.

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