Any luck with Twitter or Craigslist?

Anyone has a Twitter? Now to my question has anyone had any luck meeting anyone from Twitter or Craigslist? I've had no luck and wondered what other people's experience with both have been like?
I see a lot of ads for white couples, white single women and married white women seeking BBC. I've also not met a certifiable true BBC on CL. Lots of fakes and liars. Not all black dick is big. Lots of black guys claiming to be 10"+ and are smaller than me.


I love to say that like attracts like. I feel like if you're attracting unsavory people, it says just as much about you as it does about them. Step ya game up!


Real Person
Met 2 nice women on cl, theres hundreds of posts on there so it seems to have that needle in the haystack effect..i wouldnt expect much but nice people are there