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Any GB groups in Raleigh, NC area? We are looking!


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We'd love to find group of guys in the Raleigh, NC area that host GB parties, are experienced, all friends and just "nice & normal" guys.... well normal except that they like to GB other men's wives! :rolleyes:

....OK well to be fair, we think that IS "nice & normal" :bounce:

Anyway, when we had lived in some other larger metro areas, and in the days of yore where there were more local group resources like "Yahoo Groups" or similar... we used to see some established (not fly by night) GB groups that were very organized, and made up of the kind of friendly, funny, smart, respectful, reliable and confident guys we like.

So far we can't find anything except individual guys writing us to invite them to our GB, which isn't what we're trying to accomplish since it is nigh impossible to coordinate. We aren't trying to setup a GB as much as attend one! :happy:

So, does anyone know of any established GB groups or regular GB parties in the central NC area, or where we can look other than CL? We're getting sorta disappointed so far :(


Our info: https://www.blacktowhite.net/thread...i-guy-or-bi-couples-in-raleigh-nc-area.37932/