Any 18, 19, 20+ WF to help with my fantasy?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rickal66, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. rickal66

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    I'm a 44 SWM, My fantasy is to watch: a young good looking white girl 18, 19, 20+ or a young wife (an older woman might work to), kind of sweet, innocent, a BC virgin (or mostly). See her getting gangbanged by 2, 3 or more black guys with big cocks, no condoms and cumming in her. I live in North Alabama. Short of seeing it in person I would love to talk with her on the phone about it or cam with her during or after the first gangbang.

    I would LOVE to see her transformed into a black cock addicted whore from the experience of an intense gang fucking.

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  2. rhys

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    My gf is a BBC virgin and I'm tryin to get her into BBC my be you could message her on here when she's back and help to persuade her? Btw she is the one in the pic
  3. wanabecucked

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    Thats what i would love to watch,my wife is a bbc virgin.