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Another wanna be cuck needs help


New poster here. There seems like a lot of great advice on here, so I thought I would seek help. Like most guys on here I am trying to get my wife to become a black cock loving whore. Everyone’s situation is a little different, so I thought I would share our history and see if anyone has any advice on how to take this further.

We met in college. I was 18, she was 20. We were married four years later. We have been married for almost 19 years now. As far as I know, I’m the only man she has been with for the past 23 years.

I first brought up the idea of swinging when we were very young. I will always remember her response, “We could go to a club and see if there’s anything we like.” Alas, we never did, but I was very turned on by the idea.

About three years after we were married she told me that she had dated a black guy in college before we met. At first, I was angry. Mostly because it was someone that I had met and had asked her point blank if she had been with him. At that time, she denied it. A strange thing happened though. Over the course of the next few weeks I went from being angry to being very turned on by the image of them together. I didn’t really understand my feelings and wouldn’t hear of cuckolding until years later. I just knew I wanted to watch her with a black guy. I bought a swinger’s magazine (this was pre-internet) and one night we laid in bed naked and I showed her the ad for a young hung built black guy. I let her read the ad as I told her I wanted to watch her with him. She said it wasn’t going to happen. I asked her if she liked his body. “Yeah.” But she didn’t feel comfortable with the idea. That was my first real attempt.

Over the next several years we watched some interracial porn and I would show her ads on the adult dating sites. She liked the porn, but with the dating sites she was turned off by all the cock pics. Not much progress made during this time.

About 5 years ago I bought a big (7x6) black dildo for us to use. She loved the thickness but not the material. I loved sliding it inside her. She would tease me with it by kissing and licking it. I named it Marcus after her former boyfriend. She thought that was funny. But I pushed it too far by insisting we use it too often.

The last time I brought it up was about a year ago. She caught me watching porn and got angry. The next evening I was lying in bed and she brought up the computer and said she wanted to watch with me. She told me to show her the videos that I had been watching. I brought up a cuckold site and we started going through the thumbnails. She told me to play one where the husband was watching. Awesome! She sucked my dick as we watched. She was fond of the guy. I asked her if she thought he was cute and she said yes, enthusiastically. “And he has a big cock,” she said. Mmmm. I came so hard that night. But of course, I pushed it too hard and she clearly wasn’t as into it the next time.

Anyway, remember Marcus? Even though we moved to a different part of the country, it turns out he relocated to the same area – about 3 miles away. They became facebook friends a few years ago. I told her then that she was welcome to go over to his house and hang out with him. She sensed what I was getting at and was not happy at the suggestion. We ran into him last year. I checked her facebook messages and he had sent her a message saying he was very excited to see her and that she looked great. He said he was trying to hide how excited he was to see her because he didn’t know how I would react. If he only knew, right? He would clearly fuck her in a heartbeat. He said we should come over and hang out some time. BTW, he is single. Oh, and he played defensive line in college. Like, 6-5, 300lbs. My wife would never give me the details of his cock size other than to say it was big. I can only imagine.

Black guys have always flocked to her. She is blonde, 5-3, 140lbs, with 36D tits and a nice full ass. She was built to fuck black guys…lol.

I know I’ve rambled a bit but am wondering if you think the signs are there to pursue a cuckold situation or if I’m just dreaming. Sometimes she seems open to it, but I’m still not sure if she’s just doing that because she knows it turns me on.

Do I have a chance of getting her together with Marucs? Or a stranger? This process has always felt like one step forward and two steps back. One thing I have learned is to be patient. But it’s been about 15 years since I first brought up the idea. I don’t know if it will ever happen. Please let me know if this is possible and what steps I can take to make this a reality.

I know some of the posters here probably post some fiction for entertainment purposes. I assure you my story is real. I’m a real person seeking real help. Thanks!
I like this post. It's well thought out and written albeit a tad long for some folks. Also, I can relate to it. All I can say is that women are very fickle in what they want. Many (if not all) have a slutty side that they only show to select few (i.e. boyfriends/husbands and sometimes total strangers if they feel neglected or very lonely). Yet, they guard their reputations with their lives. Not many want to be known as "loose".

This could be the case with your woman. Maybe. The fact that she has gone along with your idea in some instances or has playfully teased you about liking big cock could be because to her this is bedroom behavior. Something to get you and her excited while having sex and nothing more.

The place that we men want take this IR thing with our women is often times way more than they expect. And that is where issues often arise. I've followed this IR lifestyle for quite a few years and I think you could categorize your woman into having one of these 3 reactions:

1. Either she will be into it the idea from the start(because she secretly wants it already).

2. She will need a LOT of convincing; she's on the fence here and it could go either way.

3. She is dead set in NOT trying anything of the sort. And often times, she will get extremely pissed off at the mention of the idea.

However, you stated that your woman did have an ex-bf who was black. Not only that, but it seems that he is still interested in her and possibly that she might still be interested in him. Your woman could be holding back her emotion for fear that if she were to truly give herself to to her ex, she might not want to come back with you. From what I have noticed, if the both of you get into this IR lifestyle, then you should set up parameters.

For example, what is your role going to be in this type of relationship? Cuck? Sissy? Voyeuristic observer that occasionally joins in the sex? Also, is your marriage strong enough to handle the shift? And finally, I think there should be an agreement that no matter how many black men your woman is with, that your marriage is foremost in both of your minds.

Hope this helps the two of you out. And always, good luck.
eyespy - thanks for the thoughtful response. I would guess she falls into category #2 - needs lots of convincing. My fantasies revolve around watching her but I may be open to other situations.

Virginia Knight - hope you enjoy the pic. Like I said, a body made for taking black cock! lisa6 - Copy.jpg