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This weekend was amazing for me in the fact that I finally got my wife to admit not only am I not enough girth for her but that she is curious and even would try a bbc. For the past two years ive been steadily but slowly breaking her into the idea of cuckolding(with white guy) a couple months later I told her about interracial she seemed disgusted and said that would never happen they are way too big and even scary. I left it at that. Through next couple months I would asked if she was pleased and if im enough girth and she of course would say yes. Long story short we I talked her into looking at some online porn as she was to shy to look up anything . At this point in time shewas familar with the idea of cuckolding just not IR I was pretty much conviced she wanted nothing to do with a bbc I typed in cuckolding and there it was beautiful.white wives getting wat there pussys filled and stretchedit was silent in the room. I looked at her and asked are u ok with watching this she said sure trying to sound like she wasnt interested I clicked on this video where this wife was taking some bbc doggy and her and her hisband were making out she was being fucked good and moaning and breathing hard then the husband put his cock in her mouth while she was still being fucked thats when my wife blurted out now that I would do he has a nice body she was getting excited I asked you wanna take a bbc frm the back while you suck me she smiled and shook her head I was so horny and excited I told her to sit back pretend thats you meanwhile I went a grabbed a dildo she previously said was to big and she didnt like it I came back and started licking her pussy I put the dildo all the way in her she squirmed and moaned with pleasure as I thrusted iit in her and asked wat are.u fucking she screamed a bbc after bringing her to numerous orgasms it was ovr I asked her are u a bbc slut she smiled and shook her head


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wifegiver ... good story, man. I assumed when you said she was shaking her head, she was shaking it YES! :) I wish you much good luck with the continued process of releaving her of her inhibition, I'm sure she'll thank you later, for it.
Years ago my wife & I attended an adult pool party ... by "adult" I mean it was topless for the ladies and optional bottomless for everyone. It was a pretty good party, guess there were 20 or so couples and a few extras there, and they even had a pool bartender. Anyways, my wife was in a corner of the pool having "woman chat" with 4-5 other ladies and when I went over to see if she wanted a drink, I overheard the conversaton regarding men and what women thought was most attractive about men. The overall physique (6-pak abs, muscles, hair on the head, etc) seemed to be the consensus with those ladies but then I smiled and said "what about men's cocks?" ... I had to ask. They all started laughing, and they spent a good 4-5 minutes discussing men's cocks ... I sat next to my wife and listened. Girth, as you mentioned, was more important than length, but it seemed the 7-8"ers was most favorable in length, and "cut" vs "uncut". There was a bit more they discussed about sex, but I won't take up your thread here to talk about it.
I might suggest you get her one of those synthetic, black penises that look and feel so real you'd swear they were. That might give her additional inspiration to try the real deal. Good luck .. Mac :)
Hot story!
You should post some pics of this black cock slut you call your wife.
I bet she'll get crazy wet when she sees how bad the guys on here want to fuck her.