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Hubby here.
So, we're approaching another wedding anniversary. Separate. I schemed for us to spend it on the little island in the Caribbean where we wed.
Alas, she has a new job and hasn't been there long enough for vacation days.
A story such as this has unfolded over the past few years.
Each is plausible on their own.
I *have* to go to the Caribbean regularly for my work.
Last time, earlier this year, she started dating a Caribbean guy. He and I get along well.
Photos from March on the private forum here.
Seriously, a great guy. A hubby couldn't hope for a better BBC bull for his wife. I hope they are together for a long time.
Somewhat melancholy, I collected my luggage and set it in the hotel room the wife and I have shared in past years.
Took off my luggage tag from the airline.
The destination airport code?
Fuck! I'm not a cuck, right?