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    They are P0mbear an interracial couple from Netherlands. There are some videos from them on the web.
    After a blowjob and kiss each other with their tongues, she went over him to fuck in cowgirl position. His cock size is between normal and big. Just take a look at 2:00 in the right moment that he held his great stick with his left hand and put his glans between her vaginal lips.
    Once his glands is accomodated between her vaginal lips, she must do a great effort to allow his wonderful black cock slide deep inside her pussy.
    She finally could do it and his cock fits completely in her pussy.
    After a short ride she decided to change of position and they fuck in missionary.
    This time his wonderful black cock enters in her pussy with much more ease. Look at her face at 4:03. She probably is feeling a little of pain but at the same time, I'm sure she's feeling the greatest pleasure in all her life.

    And this question is for all caucasian men who are rading my post now: Do you have any idea about the immense pleasure that any women are able to feel,being penetrated by such beautiful fat black cock?
    Some people say "dicks size is not important" but they're wrong. Cocks size is important but in my opinión is more important the tickness than the lenght from them.
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    My first wife screwed a lot of guys loved the guy with the skinny but 8" long cock but left me for a guy 20 yes older because he had the thickest cock ever in her pussy.
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    Agree with you thickness is most important wife love thickness
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    Have to say more than agree with you girl on a personal level that thickness is more important then length.