My wife has often asked me to stick my finger in her ass when we fuck. She finally told me she wanted to try anal. I was so turned on. I am only four inches but only got about two inches in when she wanted to stop. I really want her to take a large cock in the ass. now I am not sure she could take it. Any advice?


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I will give it a try. Hopefully she will end up liking it and then get someone bigger inside her.
Hopefully, although anal is not for everyone. My wife hates it, most i am allowed to do is use a finger. The rare times i do get to take her ass she says it hurts to much.


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Best to do this while eating her pussy or while she uses a vibrator- make sure you keep her stimulated:
1. Use lots of lube- when you think you have enough- add more! There is no such thing as too much lube. If you doubt this, let her use a strap-on on you with what you think is enough lube. Make sure your fingernails are neatly trimmed and smooth! Wash those hands thoroughly- she doesn't need an infection.

2. Gently massage the area around her anus- DON'T just stick your finger in cold, build up sensation, desire and anticipation. DO NOT use the hand that you are playing with her anally on her cunt! NEVER, EVER! The bacteria in the anus and colon is not healthy for the vagina. Unless you want her really pissed off and spending lots of money at the Doctor and pharmacy, keep that hand away from her cunt!

3. Gently begin to push against her rosebud using a slow fucking motion, but don't force your finger in. Once she begins to relax and enjoy the sensation, she will begin to open up and your finger will slip in further and further, almost as if it is being sucked in.

4. Once your finger is in, gently massage around as well as in and out in order to loosen her sphincter muscles.
CHECK to see if she needs more lube. Always try to push a little in before your finger so that she gets lubed up inside- lube doesn't do much good if it is only plastered around the outside of her ass.

5. After she is comfortable and enjoying the sensation of one finger, gently add a second finger. Cross your two fingers so that the tips make as small an object as possible. Make sure she has plenty of lube and go slow and gentle, again massaging around as well as in and out. Try gently spreading your fingers apart to open her a little more as you massage her.

6 and beyond. Continue the same process adding a finger at a time ALWAYS making sure she has plenty of lube and is comfortable and enjoying it. DON"T rush or try to force anything. These steps will need to be done over the course of days or even weeks until she is comfortable, after which she will probably start looking to see how big a dildo she can fit in her ass if your hand is too small for her.

Next step- BBC!
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