Anal nothingness

this weeken my wife and I had a first. For the first time in 15 years of marriage, she let me try anal on her. For me it was wonderful. I was rock hard when she said try it and was even hornier as I lubed her up.

The next day I asked her if she liked it, I got "it was fine." I didn't expect a whole lot, but kind of confused, I inquired more. She said she didn't really like it or dislike it, she just said it was ok. Finally I got out of her that she didn't feel much and that because of that it wasn't a big deal.

Now I know I am average size, but really, should she have felt something? I know when I have had her tease me I feel everything, but I am a guy. So ladies, do you do anal because it feels good or do you do it because he likes it? If it feels good, what do you feel? Did I do something wrong?


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Have to say I have always liked it up the bum, even from hubby who isnt that big. As rethreader says she might not want it to become regular thing?
How much lube did you use? I tend not to use too much or I lose some of the tight sensation of it, a little tightness (dare I say pain?) is quite pleasureable to me during anal.