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Anal and DP thread.

Discussion about anal and DP. White women: do you enjoy it? Do you do it because of how well he pleased you? How is the farthest you've ever taken a bbc? BBC: have you ever forced your way into a white womans ass? How good does it feel? Do you take it easy if she asks you to? Hubbies: do you like watching/thinking of BBC in your wife/gfs ass?

And everyones thoughts/experiences with double penetration too...
I love taking 2 or even 3 big cocks at the same time, there's nothing that feels better than when there are 2 cocks insie you and you feel them touching each other through my insides....ohh, I'm getting myself so wet here!
It's a fantasy of mine to see my wife being DP by BBC. However, it is a fantasy since she definitely doesn't want anyone else but me.
On the fact side, she has learned to like anal. At first she didn't want to, but over the years she has learned. We don't do it every time we have sex, but she likes it when done. Still hurts her a little, but likes it.