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Beth knew she was stepping over the line. She had gone out for a drink after work with some people from the office, but after an hour only she and Michael, a younger, black guy from her department were left.

"One more?" he asked her. Beth knew she should say no and get home to her husband and two teenage kids, but she wanted to stay. She liked being with this handsome man, probably twenty years her junior.

"Oh, I don't know," she replied, "I better not."

"Just one more quick one and I can drive you home," Michael said.

Beth agreed and they ordered another round. Their talk turned personal and Michael told her he was attracted to her which fed her ego. She suddenly imaged making love with him, then thought what the hell am I doing. I'm married and have two kids. She tried to shake the thought from her mind.

"We better get going," Beth said, in an attempt to put her lustful thoughts to rest. Michael agreed and left the bar. His car was parked in a large parkade down the street. As they walked, Michael took her hand. Beth was shocked, but did not let go. She liked the feeling and realized she was becoming turned on.

As they reached the car Michael opened the door for her to get in. Impulsively, Beth turned and kissed him passionately on the lips. Michael returned the passion and soon their hands were all over each other. Beth's mind raced as they kissed and probed with their tongues. She hadn't had another man feel her body in years and her pussy was now aching with anticipation. "What am I doing?" she thought. "This is crazy!" But she didn't stop.

Michael opened the back door of his car and pulled her inside. Now they was at a fever's pitch. Beth pulled her skirt up around her waist and Michael undid his belt and fly, pulling out his rock hard cock. Beth straddled him, pulling her panties to one side as his thick shaft slide deep inside her wet love tunnel. Beth rode him as though she had never been fucked before and soon reached a shattering orgasm. The excitement was too much for Michael and with a huge groan, he shot a massive cum load deep inside her.

After regaining their composure, Beth slid off Michael's cock and felt his cum gush out of her. He laughed as he realized his pants were now covered in his own juice.

"Oh, look at what I've done to your pants," Beth said as she raised up off of him. Michael told her not to worry. It was worth a dry cleaning bill.

Michael drove Beth home and kissed her as she left the vehicle. He hoped this wouldn't be the last time. As Beth walked toward her door, she was thinking the same thing!