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Real Person
I was noticing the IR couples walking the streets the other night. I was remembering an article I read a long time ago. It talked about the typical white woman who had a relationship with a black man. It said that they were usually women who didn't fit in for some reason and had low self-esteem. Now, it seems like the white women most likely to be with black men are the most self-confident women out there; the ones who take what they want and don't care what anybody else thinks about it.
In the Province where we grew up we didn't have any black people. In fact neither did we have any Asians, Middle Easterns, or anyone from any other culture for that matter. The only thing we knew about black people as kids were from pictures we might have had seen in a magazine or two. I was 12 or 13 years old when I first met and saw a real live black person. You can also be assured at that age any magazine we might have had looked at were very few and far between! At the time I was an Air Cadet attending a three week summer camp at on a Military Air Base in another province! To say I was fascinated by that initial introduction to a black man would probably not be an understatement! For some dumb reason back then I thought that black people only had black faces (head) and hands and were white everywhere else! Why! Hell, to this day I cannot explain that question! I was perhaps just too naive! Then came the big surprise!

As you can imagine, being at a military facility there was little, "no" ... "not any", consideration to ones personal privacy! Especially so in the showers! The showers were in a large room with perhaps 30 to 40 open shower stalls. Each stall came out about maybe 12 to 18 inches so consequently nothing was left to ones imagination. Everyone was fully exposed for everyone else to see! I know that all the cadets my age, we were a substantial minority of the total cadet attendees, and perhaps even some a little older, were all awe struck by this. At that age we were very impressionable indeed. Especially when we saw other cadets in their late teens and even a few in their early 20's, all running around from the dressing rooms to the showers "all naked"! We grew up real quick! Then one day came my biggest surprise!

I recall it was a really hot afternoon and we had just finished a baseball game! Naturally, showers were ordered by our Commanding Officer. I suspect, especially us younger cadets, that had we not been ordered to many of us would had never made a shower our priority! I still laugh to myself to this day thinking about that! Especially so since we had a few funny moments with some cadets about showering! Anyway, I digress! A few of my closer friends and I went to our barracks for a change of cloths and off we went to shower! We though we were first in, however when we entered the shower there was this much older black guy in the far corner shower! Amazingly, as I stared in his direction ....... "he was black all over"! Not only that, he had one huge erection and had been masturbating in the shower!

This was the first time I had ever witnessed both seeing a black man in the nude and him masturbating! In fact I never witnessed any man masturbating ever .. up until then! Two for the price of one! It's really funny to think of it now, but at that time whenever my friends who saw that event, and I, talked about it "that black cock definitely grew bigger and eventually measured over 2 feet long"! I remember that one of our friends recalled seeing that black guy later one evening and it was almost dragging on the ground! Ha! Ha!

The point I want to make is this! As I grew older and into my late teens, I often fantasized about that event and whether or not a white girl could really handle anything like we had seen! This eventually evolved into sharing that fantasy with my wife and that led her to being laid by my old university friend, Edwin, who happens to be black! My wife and I have posted about that event in the "Interracial Story Section" on this site so no need to enunciate on it any further here!