Amanda's Black Lust PART1

"How was your day, dear?" Richard asked Amanda as she came into their bedroom rather late. Having been promoted to Sales Manager for the North East Region a year ago and done very well in her new senior position, today she had had a long day of sales meetings followed by a dinner with the reps from out of town.

"Oh, not too bad," Amanda replied, as she looked at herself in the long mirror on the closet door. At 46 she still had a shapely figure and looked very trim in her neat navy blue skirt suit, white blouse, and fashionable shoes. Her golden hair, neatly coiffed as always, hung just above her shoulders. Sitting down, she took off her earrings and said,

"Actually I met someone interesting tonight."

"Oh?" replied Richard, as he lay on the bed, naked.

"Yes...Leon...our lead sales rep."

"What's interesting about him?"

"Well, a lot really...he's dynamic...powerful...and he's done a terrific job for us this year...and he is also very good looking."

Richard's ears suddenly pricked up at her last comment and he quizzed her, "How old is he?"

"About 35, I think," Amanda replied as she took off her skirt, blouse and slip and carefully put them away in the closet. Removing her bra, pantyhose and panties she then sat on the bed next to her husband and taking his penis in her hand began gently to stroke it.

"Mmmm, that feels nice," Richard whispered as he felt the pleasure of her dainty little hand masturbating him. After 25 yeas of marriage making love was not something that they did very often, especially not after Amanda had worked so late. Richard was surprised, but delighted at her enthusiasm.

"He's black, too," Amanda purred as she continued to stroke Richards hardening prick.

Feeling her husband's cock swell to full-blown erection when she said that Leon was "black," Amanda wondered if that excited him. She was aware not just of his hardness but also of the warm wetness between her thighs she continued to stroke his now rock-hard penis.

"Leon is staying in town for an extra day and he asked me to have a drink with him tomorrow night," she said quietly.

Richard was surprised. "What for?"

Amanda paused a moment and then stroking Richard's penis a bit harder she teasingly replied, "I don't know, maybe he is just being nice...or...maybe he fancies me."

Richard was stunned. A black man ten years younger than his always prim and proper, elegant sophisticated wife was interested in her and wanted to take her out for a drink. As the thought of his wife going out with a black man swirled around inside his head Richard was aware of a surge of pleasure in his groin. He'd often fantasized about his wife having sex with a black man; but being the respectable lady that she was he'd never considered it a possibility, nor hinted to Amanda that he thought such things.

"What did you say?"

"I said I would ask you."

"And would you like to go?"

Pausing for a moment Amanda then quietly replied, "Yes...yes I would."

Surprised by her reply, Richard tried to sound stern in his next question. "And what if he wants more than just a drink?"

Amanda rolled on top of her husband, straddled him, and lowered herself onto his throbbing penis. Richard felt the soft, slippery, and hot grip of her incredibly tight vagina as it engulfed him.

"I don't know Richard...what you think I should do?"

"Well, I don't know...I mean...sometimes I've imagined...I mean fantasized...about you being with a black man...but..." Geeze! Shit! Now his secret was out. Feeling Amanda's vagina tighten around his penis, he continued.

"Have you ever imagined it?"

"Well...yes...I have," Amanda answered hesitantly. Her hips gyrated sexily as she slowly continued to ride Richard. She continued in a whisper, "I've heard so many stories about black men...about how big they strong they are...and what great lovers they are...that yes...I have wondered sometimes what it would be like to make love to a black man."

Richard couldn't believe what he was hearing his wife say. He'd never imagined that Amanda would ever talk or act this way. With his cock now feeling like it was about to explode he couldn't help quizzing her more.

"And this Leon...would you like to make love to him?"

"Would it excite you if I did?"

Feeling the pressure building inside his testicles, a wonderful feeling was swelling throughout his body as he answered, "Yes...yes it would."

"Well maybe I will...if that's what he wants," Amanda moaned as she ground her pelvis into his crotch and imagined that it was Leon's penis inside of her and not Richard's. As this idea filled her mind she started to cum. Richard felt her body spasm and the vision in his own mind of his wife being with a young black stud was too much for him. Losing control his cum flooded inside her as she rode him wildly to orgasm.

As his climax subsided Richard wondered whether Amanda had been serious, or if the whole thing had been nothing more than an act to spice up their lovemaking. Amanda was a loyal, devoted and loving wife and hardly the type to fool around. She had always been a reserved, conventional woman, who followed proper etiquette, and never a hussy. Maybe it was because of her conservative personality that the idea of his wife having sex with a black man excited him so much; either way it didn't matter because he couldn't believe she would actually do it.

As they lay in each other's arms enjoying the afterglow of their lovemaking Richard was so delighted with his wife's newfound passion that he stopped thinking about it.

"Oh, you mind if I buy something new to wear for tomorrow night?" Amanda asked in her usual composed way as he was drifting off to sleep. Thinking that everything that she had said before was only in the heat of the moment, he figured now she had returned to her normal self.

"Why?" he quizzed her politely.

"Well...if I am going to go out with Leon I would like to wear something special and look good for him," Amanda purred.

It was only then that Richard suddenly realized his wife's date with Leon was for real.


When Amanda returned from her shopping spree late the next afternoon not only did she have several bags with her but she'd had her hair done and her fingernails extended and painted bright red. Kissing Richard quickly she excused herself and went straight upstairs to their bedroom to get ready.

Excited, but trying not to think too much about what might happen that night, Richard turned on the TV and flipped the channels nervously. Unable to concentrate properly he couldn't suppress his curiosity. What was his wife up to? What had she bought? What was she going to wear?

When Richard heard the shower stop he couldn't help himself. He went upstairs to watch Amanda prepare herself for her date. When she emerged from the en-suite she was completely naked. Her make-up was much thicker than her usual demure blush, almost tarty. She was wearing bright red lipstick that he'd never seen her wear before, and her usually bushy pubic hair had been completely shaved off.

Richard gazed silently while Amanda walked across to the bed, opened the first box and removed a lacy black suspender belt. Wrapping it around her slim waist and fastening it in place, she then picked up a pair of plain-topped black stockings, sat on the edge of the bed and rolled them up her legs.

Checking that the seams down the backs of her legs were perfectly straight, she then attached them to the straps of her suspender belt. Stepping into a tiny black g-string she wiggled it up her legs and pulled the thin straps high onto her hips. The last item of her lingerie was a ¼ cup bra which was no more than a small shelf which when fastened in place supported the underside of her pert breasts and left the nipples and tops exposed.

Opening another box, Amanda removed a pair of 5-inch, stiletto heeled, patent black leather shoes, and slipped them onto her feet. Modeling herself in front of her husband, Amanda sought his opinion.

"Is this sexy enough you think Leon will like it?" "Uh...yes...sure," Richard stammered as his penis twitched in his pants. Amanda had never worn anything like this for him and he was unnerved at how incredibly sexy she looked.

Removing a little black dress from the last box, Amanda slipped it over her head and carefully pulled it into place making sure that lots of cleavage was showing. The dress was very low-cut and showed almost all of her exposed breasts, and it was also so short that it left the tops of her stockings partially exposed.

Carefully, Amanda checked herself in the mirror and adjusted her dress. Richard could only gape at her with his cock bulging in his pants. Amazed at how sexy his wife looked, at what she was wearing, and how she had dressed to meet another man, he was discovering that Amanda harbored a whole new personality that he had never imagined could have ever existed. Despite his misgivings about his wife going out with another man, it turned him on.

Finally satisfied with her outfit, Amanda picked up her purse, kissed Richard on the cheek and said, "Don't wait up for me dear...I may be late getting home."

About to say, "Have a good time," Richard stopped himself. His normally proper wife was dressed like a hooker to go on a date with young black man she barely knew. He didn't know what to say.

"I'll probably be up," was all he answered. There was no way he would be able to fall asleep while he imagined what she might be doing.

As Amanda drove to the hotel to meet Leon she couldn't help thinking she was out of her mind. How had this happened? She wasn't really sure. What she was doing tonight was incredibly exciting, but it was also very wrong. During the 25 years of her marriage she had had plenty of opportunities to have an affair but until tonight had never considered having sex with anyone but her husband.

All she knew was that when she was with Leon she wanted to please him. From the moment they met she'd felt a powerful attraction. He made her feel different, girlish, alluring, sexy and feminine. His erotic masculinity both delighted and overwhelmed her. The truth was that the thought of giving Leon whatever he wanted produced a wet tingle between her thighs. Leaving Richard at home while she went out looking and acting like a wanton woman was wrong, even cruel; but Amanda needed to do it..

Of course Richard's agreement had made it easier. She probably wouldn't have gone if he had been against it. Amanda had been both surprised and gratified that her husband seemed to understand her, and that he even seemed to like the idea. Comforted by the thought that she had Richard's blessing, Amanda drove on.

As she walked in to the hotel bar Amanda was instantly aware of the way that everyone looked at her. Men smiled, women whispered, and one older man at the end of the bar smiled at her knowingly. Feeling like an aging prostitute waiting for a pick-up, when she did not see Leon in the bar Amanda self-consciously took a seat in a small booth by herself.

Amanda waited nearly 10 minutes before Leon appeared. His tall commanding presence reassured her and made her feel warm inside. In the dim light of the bar his strength and youth made him seem bigger than she remembered, and even younger than 35 years old that she thought he was.

"Hi, babe...stand up and let me look at you," Richard said as slid onto the seat next to her and kissed her.

Aware that everyone in the bar was staring at her as she rose and stood before him, Amanda then turned around and modeled herself as Leon gazed at her.

"Verrrry nice!" Leon cooed.

"Thank you...I was hoping that you would like it."

Sitting back down, the configuration of the small booth had them seated side-by-side. Amanda could feel Leon's thigh next to hers and that alone was enough to produce a warm feeling between her legs.

After ordering their drinks, Amanda very politely quizzed Leon, "So Leon...are you really only 35?"

"Yeah well, almost...33 actually...and you're what...45?"

"Forty-six," Amanda replied quietly as she blushed.

"That's nice...I like that."

" mean you like older women?"

"Yeah...I do...I have a good time with them."

"Have you been with many older women?"

"Yes...I have...quite a few actually."

"Were they all white...and married?" Amanda quizzed.

"Mostly yeah," and then after a short pause he continued, "and they are all the same kind of women."

"Really...and what kind is that?"

"Hot and sexy."

Amanda blushed again. "You mean you find me sexy?"

"Yeah...not only sexy...but I also know what you want."

"Oh...and what is it that I want?" Amanda replied as she smiled at Leon cheekily.

Taking her hand and placing it on his crotch, as Amanda felt the thickness and hardness of his cock she turned bright red when she noticed that everyone around them was staring at them.

"This is what you want babe...isn't big black cock?"
Despite her embarrassment Amanda couldn't hold her true feelings back. She couldn't lie. Tonight she wanted something she had never experienced before – to have sex with a black man – wild, passionate, hot, steamy sex.

"Yes," she whispered quietly.

"You want to suck it...don't you?"


"And you want to feel it inside your cunt...fucking your little white pussy!"

"Yes," Amanda purred again as she got even wetter between her legs.

"Let's go then," Leon commanded as he took Amanda by the hand and led her from the bar.

Amanda could feel everyone's eyes on them as they exited the bar and entered the lobby. Tottering as best as she could in her ridiculously high heels, she followed Leon to the reception desk where the desk clerk looked her up and down, his eyes showing he knew she was a whore. Normally she would have felt devastated by this but tonight it didn't bother her. She was too excited.

"I am in room 907 and I don't want to be disturbed," Leon coolly said to the clerk.

"Yes, sir!"

Looking at Amanda and then back at the clerk, "Will somebody be here at 3:00 am to let her out?"


"Good...her husband will be waiting for her and I don't want her being late!"

After taking the lift to the 9th floor and a short walk down the corridor Leon opened the door to his room. Walking in, Amanda was surprised to find that it was quite large and very comfortable with ample space for sitting and a huge bed. With no kissing, foreplay, or offering her a drink, Leon was very abrupt and concise with his instructions.

"Take off your dress honey...I want to see what else you're wearing!"

Amanda obediently complied with his instruction revealing her carefully chosen lingerie.

"Now turn around for me what you've got!" As Amanda turned and modeled herself, trying to look as sexy as she could, she ran her hands through her hair, rubbed her hands over her body, and teased her nipples. Felling like a prostitute performing for her client, Amanda quickly discovered that she loved this feeling.

"Very nice," Leon mumbled. "Now take off your panties but leave everything else on...I like that sexy black makes you look a slut!"

Leon put on some music and asked Amanda to dance for him while he sat and sipped a drink. He was in no hurry.

As she danced for Leo, Amanda found herself getting more and more excited and she wanted him to undress. She wanted to see his penis, to feel it in her hands, especially as the music became rather raunchy.

"That's it baby...bump and grind for yourself off."

Amanda had never done anything like this before but she did her best. She rolled her hips around as she imagined strippers would do, she bent over, and she thrust her butt out at Leon and wiggled her cheeks in time to the rhythm. Dancing to the now very raunchy music, Amanda had never felt so, hot, wanton or horny in her life.

"Now turn around and play with yourself" Leon snarled.

The way that Leon dominated Amanda excited her. Spreading her pussy lips open with one hand and rubbing her budding clit with the other heightened her excitement even more. Tingles of pleasure shot through her body and she loved performing for this lordly male, obeying his every command.

Alternating between fucking herself with two fingers and rubbing her clit, Amanda continued to play with herself as Leon stood up and slowly dropped his pants. Amanda had heard the term "well hung" before, but had never imagined anything like what she saw emerge from Leon's pants. Still only semi-hard Leon's cock was easily 12 inches long and as thick as her wrist.

The sight of this huge black penis dangling between his legs both frightened and excited her. Feeling an overwhelming desire to touch it, Amanda was mesmerized by its size and she felt the wetness in her crotch begin to drip down her thigh.

"Now get on your knees and suck it...slut," Leon barked.

Not needing to be told twice, Amanda immediately dropped to her knees and lovingly wrapped her dainty little hands around his fat black snake began to caress it. Marveling silently for a few moments at just how big it was, and the way it was growing in front of her eyes, Amanda then stuck her tongue out and worked it delicately underneath his foreskin.

Tasting the musky scent of Leon's cock head caused Amanda's nipples to harden until they felt like they would burst, and her cunt to feel like it was on fire. Rolling his foreskin back and licking his swollen purple knob until it was covered with her saliva, Amanda then opened her mouth as wide as she could and took him in.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," she moaned.

Being the reserved lady that she was, Amanda was very naive when it came to oral sex and hoping that what she was doing was right she sucked gently on Leon's knob while stroking his shaft. Happy to let Leon show her what he wanted, Amanda offered him no resistance when he took hold of her head started to fuck her mouth with short hard strokes.

"Do you like that you like having your mouth fucked?"
Overwhelmed by her newfound state of passion and lust, Amanda gurgled, "Mmmmmmmm...aaagggghhhhh...yyyeeeessssss,"

"Tell me bitch...tell me how you like it!

Letting Leon's cock slide from her mouth, Amanda took a deep breath and then looking up at him she revealed her true desires she purred.

"Hard...and rough...please...use me...make me be your slut... your whore!"

"What kind of whore?"

"A dirty whore...a dirty...white...cocksucking...whore!" Amanda moaned before hungrily taking Leon's cock back into her mouth.

"Good suck it hard...that's it...yeah...and my balls too...lick my balls!"

For the next five minutes Amanda stroked and sucked Leon's cock as best and hard as she could. Having managed to work only half of it into her mouth, her lips were stretched to their limits and she choked every time it hit the back of her mouth. Feeling Leon's hands on her head again, this time Amanda gagged violently when Leon entwined his fingers in her hair and pulled her head hard down on his cock choking her, and then forced it down her throat. As Leon then rocked her head back and forth, Amanda in a state of frenzy responded to his rhythm and stuck out her tongue to lick his balls as he slowly fucked her mouth.

"Get ready bitch...I'm gonna cum!" Amanda heard Leon grunt at the same time as she felt his body him stiffen.

A moment later a stream of hot cum shot down her open throat, gagging her. Somehow she managed to swallow it before another wad filled her throat, and expecting to get another one, Amanda continued to suck his huge penis greedily. Stopping suddenly, Leon pulled his cock out of her mouth and Amanda instantly wrapped her tiny little hands around his big black tool began to work it. Pumping his shaft urgently until a moment later another thick stream of semen erupted from the engorged head hitting her in the face. Still stroking his cock, the next stream of cum landed in her hair, the next on her nose and the last two on her neck and tits. It was the first time in her life that Amanda had experienced taking a load in the face, much less down her throat, and she loved it. tbc.................