Am I getting the wrong idea help me understand

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    Hi everyone guys and ladies help me on this one. I am totally new to this and have never had a black man. Read my welcome new members and see why I am here its to long to repeat lol

    I am a lady in a top management position in a company and didnt get easy there it took hard work so hence this question as I dont think women should be seen as the weaker sex but rather equal.

    The more stories I read the more I get the impression that in most cases black guys only have sex with white women to get them pregnant, to show they are superior to do cuckholding I think you call it or basically imply white women are slutty because they have sex with black men? The one comment I read said you have to wine and dine the Bi#$%%es but humiliating and breeding them makes it worth it. Not sure if it was this site or other one as I am on two sites seeing which one is the best.

    Is this the case or am I wrong. My idea of having sex with a black guy is because one I want to expierance the huge size as most men are average. So see if size matters and surely there should at least be some chemistry between the two of you and it is a fanatasy of mine after seeing my friends boyfriends dick. While doing this to keep being safe of STD's in mind and staying on the pill not to get pregnant. And most importantly have both have fun in having sex with each other.

    I can not believe all has the same view when it comes to interracial sex.


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    Well in my situation, which i am not sure when it will happen, is that i don't like and don't want to try that pregnant/humiliation/cleanup stuff. Is not my type of the game. And won't be willing to come down to those terms. My concept on interracial sex, in all meanings stands on the word "interracial" itself, well if the size comes out to be BIG, the better the fun. Other than that you want to go on cuckold games and stuff , like cages, not giving sex to the hubby for long time, gangabangs, that still safe game whilst love on couple is strong.

    Though i respect all other folks that like and follow alternative ways on getting their fantasy fulfilled.

    Good Luck