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From my easy chair, I watched as his hand slowly slid up the outside of her beautiful leg. When he reached her stocking top, he paused, allowing me a full view of her firm thigh and the garter belt clips holding the stocking in place. His hand then continued to climb over the creamy white flesh above the stocking top and around behind her and up over the firm cheek of her ass. I could now see that she wasn’t wearing panties and that her pussy was wet and ready.

Suddenly he moved his hand away, and while her black skirt was relatively tight, it still dropped back to its position above her knee. Now his hand moved to the inside of her left leg and again began moving slowly upward from the knee to the top of the stocking, again pushing her skirt up as his hand moved.

This time, the movement over the stocking top and white flesh was more rapid. When he reached her pussy, he cupped it in his hand and I heard her moan slightly and then gasp as his finger moved between the lips of her pussy, which was now glistening with anticipation. He moved his finger in and out a few times, and her response was exaggerated as she attempted to fuck his finger, lowering herself each time he removed it, only to have him swiftly thrust it inside again.

No words had been spoken, but suddenly he removed his hand, looked up at her and said, “You want to suck my cock, don’t you, baby?” She looked down and nodded as she sank to her knees between his big legs.

She unzipped his trousers slowly, allowing the anticipation to build second by second. The big man laid his head back on the chair and arched his pelvis toward her face, but she didn’t pay attention she was too busy with his zipper. When she had his pants unzipped, she tugged at his belt, allowing it to open and slide back through the belt loops on his trousers. Then she pulled at each side of his waistband and reached in, gently pulling his cock free and allowing it to slide out into her waiting hands.

As she gripped his shaft, the big man moaned loudly. She slid her hand down on the shaft, pulling the foreskin back to reveal the huge head perched on top of the long black shaft. She engulfed the bulbous head and rotated it slightly between her lips. Her tongue began to move over and around it as the man moaned loudly. “Baby, you gotta take it all, baby. All the way, baby,” he said. “Don’t play around. Suck it. Suck it, baby.”

She picked up her pace and moved her tongue more rapidly as she took even more of the big cock into her mouth. As I watched her work him to a frenzy, I thought about how lucky I was to be watching such a scene. My wife is over 50, but with her tight thighs and long legs, and her 36D breasts still high and firm, she has a youthful appearance that complements the confidence of her mature years. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that she was in her late 30s, and I definitely wouldn’t put her over 40.

As she pulled away from the man’s cock, she placed one hand on each of his knees and rose to her feet. Standing in front of him, she removed her blouse and exposed her breasts, her nipples hard with excitement and anti cipation. She then reached down to the hem of her knee length skirt and slowly raised it up to her waist before abruptly dropping it again. Then she unfastened a button on one side and allowed her skirt to fall to the floor. She was now standing in front of the man in nothing but her black garter belt, stockings and heels. I couldn’t help letting my mind drift to visions of my cock slipping between the lips of her wet pussy. . . .

She placed one knee on each side of the man’s legs and lowered herself onto his knees as she began to kiss and nibble his earlobes and around his neck. She landed on his mouth, their tongues twirling in deep, glorious passion. She rose slightly to take his huge cock in one hand and guided it to her entrance. As she hovered over him, the big cockhead touched the lips of her pussy and then suddenly disappeared as she sank onto his shaft with a squeal of passion. At first, her up and down motions were slow and methodical, but as she continued, she started to hump harder and faster, her passion growing. The man lifted his hips to follow her pussy each time she rose from his shaft, and though the scene probably lasted only a few minutes, it seemed to go on forever.

When my wife stood, love juice was leaking down her legs toward the tops of her stockings, which were still held in place by the garter belt. She moved around to the dining room table and retrieved one of the chairs, placing it so close in front of me that I could almost reach out and touch her. She bent forward and, grasping the seat of the chair with one hand, motioned the big man to move behind her.

He wasted no time driving his big cock into my wife’s waiting pussy, and it was obvious from her squeals and moans that she wanted his cock as much as his cock wanted her. He began to thrust his big cock deeply, sometimes with measured slowness and other times with more speed and force than I thought my wife capable of handling— though she seemed to enjoy it all the same. Soon she was no longer moaning and groaning but begging the man to fuck her instead. “Do me, big man,” she begged. “Fuck me! Shoot your juice into me. Fuck me with that big cock!”

The man responded by slamming his big cock deep into her. Come began to seep out around his cock and slide down her leg toward her stocking tops. He held still for a moment, letting his big cock settle in my wife’s pussy, and then she turned her head toward him. In a pleading tone she asked him, “Can you go again, baby?”

He pulled his spent cock from her pussy and stroked it a few times before reaching out to her and pulling her close. They began to kiss and move against each other, and his big cock began to show signs of life. I watched as it grew, extending between my wife’s legs as it got harder. She did all she could to help him, too, grinding against him and rubbing her come soaked pussy lips against his tool to excite him further.

Finally he was hard again, and he reached back to cup her buttocks with his hands, lifting her up so he could nibble on her nipples. Then he gently laid her back on the bed, positioned himself above her and carefully guided his big cock into her pussy. This time he entered her faster, burying himself fully in one single thrust. She squealed with pleasure as he began to move in and out of her cunt, his thrusts focused and determined. They lasted more than 15 minutes this time, ending with my wife’s convulsive orgasm, one so powerful that it almost shook her down to her knees.

Their come ran freely down her leg after another huge load of white, sticky semen shot into her and onto the sheets beneath her. After a couple of minutes the man withdrew and headed for the bathroom while my wife lay exhausted in the middle of the bed. When the man was finished cleaning up, I walked him to the door, letting my wife rest.

I returned to the bedroom where my wife had experienced sexual euphoria not once but twice. She’d savored the flavor of a giant black cock as it filled her with come. Now, though, she sat up and took my hand. “Here, lay down beside me,” she said, pulling me slowly toward her. I obliged, thinking it might now be my turn.

She rolled onto her side to face me and said, “Honey, that was a great birthday gift. I enjoyed it more than anything else you could’ve given me.”

“It was wonderful to watch that,” I replied. “You certainly seemed to be enjoying the experience.”

She rolled on top of me, seated herself on top of my hard cock and said, “I think he’s going to want me again soon. Would you be okay if he joined us again? I really liked the feel of that big, black cock pulsing inside me.”

I stammered for a moment, unsure about whether I was okay with her plan. “Well,” I said, “how does mine feel in there?”

She bent down and kissed me passionately. “There will always be room for yours, too, baby,” she assured me. “Now roll over. I want you to fuck me hard, really hard.”