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Alternative Relationship - Cuckold

I'm a very well educated white guy who is definitely alternative and bohemian in his beliefs and values - mainstream and consumer culture is definitely not me! At one level I'm driven by a social consciousness and at another sexual level I'm a total interracial cuck so I'm looking for a girl with similar values and a complementary sexuality for a deep, alternative and fulfilling relationship.
That means I'm looking for a white girl who likes black men, would possibly like a cuckold relationship but also is not dictated by the standards and values of our repressive and consumerist culture.
Is there such a girl out there?


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Have to believe they exist ... as my wife is that type of gal. We have been married for 25 years and she enjoys fucking BBC and is willing to cuckold me ... to any level I want. Related to that, I am probably a mild cuck ... like to watch her make love to black men but not as much into humiliation type stuff. Obviously, I am a lucky guy.



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Such women do exist... but they're not going to walk around the street waving a flag. For some women, especially those who've gorwn up in the city as opposed to those residing in the countryside, they've gotten well informed about such happenings and its sometimes easy finding such women than elsewhere.