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  1. Socrates

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    I’m a handsome, tall, masculine, faithful white man who is interested in having a long term relationship with a special woman who would enjoy having a faithful white boyfriend and the freedom for her to date well endowed black men for fun. If you are interested then let me know. We can be friends too, if you like. I don't consider myself to be a cuckold or a sub. I just happen to be a faithful man that gets turn on by the thought of having a loving girlfriend that has a fetish for bbc.
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  2. MacNfries

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    Socrates, you might fit right in with the "sugar daddy" types ... lots of hot, young women looking for Sugar Daddies.
    Do a web search for Sugar Daddy dating services ... I think you might run upon some interesting chicks, just keep your hand on your wallet. Mac :)