All of it


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Just a little something different, some erotic poetry.
All of it...
She puts her mouth on my cock
and sucks it all out of me.
I undressed her slowly.
I kissed her arms, shoulders and back.
Took her hard nipples in my mouth
and sucked on them like Jaw-Breakers.
I was as horny as I constantly was when I was sixteen;
hard like young strong bones….
She took my cock in her hands
and commented on its firmness;
smiled at me and kissed the head;
Smiled at me again…..
I spread her legs wide
and ate her pussy like I had known nothing but hunger all my life.
She squirmed and moaned…
I held onto her legs tight;
held her in place….
Her legs trembled,
her body rumbled…
She screamed….
Her breathing was heavy…
I climbed on top of her.
She looked at my eyes as I mounted her.
She looked almost angry;
almost afraid.
I saw something that looked like hate.
“Fuck me,” she said.
I entered.
We fucked.
I find myself on my back,
she puts her mouth on my cock.
She sucks it all out of me.