Alice says Hiya


Hiya All, My name is Alice, I am 19 years old and I live in the UK

I'm here to have fun and enjoy bbc pics =D

Heres how I got into black cock:
We was at a friends house playing spn the bottle, (I was around 15) and one of my black friends was dares to take off his pants. When he did so, I'd (at the time) never seen such a huge cock I became wet right there lool. Unfortunatley I didn't get any as I too shy at the time haha

So yea, that led my curiousity on and first black cock at 17 and never looked backed since. Don't have a bf, don't want to settle down yet xD

Hope to make new friends and enjoy my time <3


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Hi there,

You are so hott in my eyes!

Would like to get to know you. Maybe we can chat on yahoo or drop me an email? My address is exp_loring at the yahoo

Talk later,