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Age preference/range.

When it comes to finding a lover or someone just to hook up with, do you have an age preference or range? I have come across some people that do and some that do not. Now granted some of the people I've come across have a preference because they have adult kids(18+) and they don't want to have sex with someone that's the same age as their kid. I've also come across some people that don't care as long as you are legal. So do you have an age range/preference or do you believe age is just a number? Thought it would be kind of interesting to see how other people feel about the age of a potential lover.

Mariposa blanca

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Of the guys I've been involved with, besides my hubby, all of them have been younger. Most have been at least 10 years younger. The latest guy in my life is early 40s, so pretty close to me in age. I'd choose him over any of the others. We "get" each other. And he's an incredibly giving lover, and has just as much stamina as the guys in their 20s.
Thanks for the input. I can understand where you all are coming from. For me I don't have much of an age range or preference. I do tend to lean towards women that are older than me though. Even though I am still interested in girls my own age.
i dont have a preferance for age depending the situation but this i know for sure a mature woman will take her time and enjoy and milk your bbc dry , younger women 18 -30 they are still learning ,what they like and how they like it but ive noticed the older a woman just means how deep and close she is to what she wants .. Sometime as men we forget about the womans pleasure ,im saying this because ive been with mature women and their orgasms are so much deeper of a feeling , you can feel how they give everything to you and dont hold back , please young women dont take what i say wrong but think about it , when was last time you had a orgasm and wasnt thinking about something else at the same time ,im saying mature women focus more and trust its only an opinion .. But i love all you women and you should be proud no matter what ...
My 49yo wife prefers guys 35-44. However, she's been with guys in their 20's, but she's only
interested in guys of that age, if they look older (as opposed to looking very young),
and demonstrate their maturity. She is also not interested in 'teaching' anyone, so they
need to have some experience.
I am 46 from indoonesia. In my country lady respect older man not young man. My english man 63 and not so hot for sex bbut he do nice things to me and i love himm much but still i have big libido and drsam older man bbc or big hairy man too but no. Older man got lots experience an he can be gentle sensitive too my body lots. Hehe.


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Well age is not really that important as long as we are comfortable and compatible... Now when my husband is there and watching, for some reason i get turmed on more if the guy is younger. There is just something about the younger bulls that attract me when im cucking my hubby.