After the third time. .

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    IMG_20130922_240705_162.jpg We would love to try with a 12 inches black please help us to make it happen. . .I never give my wife ass but if we'll find the 12 inch I will let him take her ass and let him cum in her mouth and help me to convince her to swallow all the cum. ...Please please please please please please please help meĆ·!!!!!!
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    sounds like she's ready for the big leagues..... once she gets stretched out she is blk owned ....... nothing like a thyck italian woman, they can take a hard pounding
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    Yup you gotta! But let me tell you some. ..we have kids and we love each other and she is not a dirty bitch. ..we love sex and try everything and let her have what she wants. ..I will make it happen only with respectful people. ..I would love to try with up to 10 guys at the same time but only with delicate and passionate things.'s very hard for me to do that even with 2 guys but little by little I will make it happen. ..send me your email address. ..