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    Trust me anyone wanting to fly all the way to Jamaica to go for her first BBC isn't just doing it reluctantly. I suspect - without knowing the full facts - she is as nervous as you. Guilt is natural on your part. While for her genuine nervousness is mingled with curiosity and latent excitement.

    My advice? Just don't burden each other with unmet expectations. Don't put pressure on each other. Just go to Jamaica for the holiday itself. Things will happen if you go with the flow....

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    zzz xxxx comic15k (2).jpg zzzzzzz eli9.jpg Agree with Santos above.
    That is a long way to go, and it will be a joy and fun, sexy and exciting for BOTH of you. SELECT A WELL HUNG CLEAN RESPECTFUL YOUNGER BLACK MAN, as that should make her more comfortable. There should be No shame or embarrassment from neither of you.
    There should be no guilt, you both are adults. It will enhance your marriage, as you are honest and up front with you letting her know that it is OK, and you want her to do it, and it will please her VERY much sexually and mentally.
    No sneaking around or anything. This will ( I am sure) lead to her wanting it more, and that is good for both of you. as you can plan out dates and seek BBC for her, etc. Just do NOT push her or force her ( encouraging is OK). There is nothing more exciting that watching her be taken by a well hung black man, as the skin contrast and old school taboo ( although skin color is not an issue) , etc. Seeing her hold his huge manhood and sucking it and then it finally sliding in her inviting pussy inch by inch, is great. Take pictures and small video clips, as you BOTh will enjoy later on. Enjoy the time there and what it will bring in the future.
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    Who is that TOTAL BABE in the first picture, and who is the DROP DEAD intimidating Black Cock being serviced? I need to download that scene.