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African Experiences

One instance I have not written about yet occurred in Nigeria. I will relate this one and others might add their experiences, if any, of Africa.I might add others later, but this one in my view is very typical.

It involved the American Military Attache to Nigeria, who had a very pretty wife. It was his first posting to an embassy and his first posting outside USA, so it was all quite new to him and his wife.

He noticed that there were a number of Nigerians who were in attendance on embassy functions but was not clear on their role. When they approached him in a firendly open way, he according to his brief decided he should try and make friends with these local people. The (4Nr) Nigerians give advice on places to go and places to avoid and other tips on life in Nigeria and he and his wife soon accepted them as new helpful Nigerian friends.

One evening the Nigerians asked why they had not imported their car from America and sold it in Nigeria. This couple had not really thought of but the Nigerians explained how it worked and how they could import 'tax free' and sell at a much better price than their car cost in America even after shipping costs.

Cautiously they asked around other Americans at the embassy and discovered this was 'legitimate' and many of the staff had done it so they went ahead using the Nigerians as 'agents.' Their car was imported and sold at a very handsome profit.

The Nigerians then asked why they did not do the same with his wife's car..,'his wife did not have a car'...'so buy a second hand car tell the Nigerian 'authorities' it was his wife's'. They found this was also above board and legitimate and made another very profitable deal.

After this the Nigerians suggested they do it all again, but now this would be 'illegal.' The Nigerians shrugged. Corruption was the way of life in Nigeria. They would have to grease a few palms, but it would not be a problem 'everyone was doing it, why not them.' By this time they had been in Nigeria for a few months and realised that 'backhanders' was the normal way of doing business and an accepted way of life. After some discussion between themselves they agreed.

For the next few months they ‘illegally’ imported several more cars making a lot of money.

Then after six months of this the Nigerians, over drinks and a meal at the couples flat, announced that they felt this had gone on long enough and it should be brought to close before any caught on to what they were doing. However they knew another way to make money….

The couple then listened in a mix of shock and concern as the Nigerians pointed out that his wife was so very pretty she had come to the notice of some important people. In the government, and among the African and Arab diplomats and the rich Nigerian businessmen mixing in these circles. They had been approached by several of these men who had expressed an ‘interest’ in his wife and they were confident they could all make a lot more money if his wife was willing to make herself available to them…

‘Wait a minute, you’re talking about prostituting my wife…no way…’

The Nigerians had expected this response and came prepared. They lay down in front of the couple all the paperwork ‘signed by the couple’ that proved they had imported and profited from several cars illegally. If the couple did not agree they would take the paperwork to the authorities. Their diplomatic status may protect them to a certain extend but it would embarrass the American government and the American Ambassador in Nigeria. Their posting would be cut short and he would probably never be employed in the embassy circuit again and the high profile career the couple had seen for the husband would be over, in addition he might be drummed out of the Marines in ‘shame and dishonour.’

Alternatively they could guarantee the couple $500 dollars a night, perhaps 5 nights of the week, perhaps more, for the next 18 months $195,000 tax free income, all the sex his wife had ever dreamed about and no problems with his career and future…

The couple were given ten minutes to think about it.

They agreed, or at least his wife agreed to go along with it, and her husband hoped to find a way out of this mess.

The Nigerians announced that to ‘seal the deal’ all four of them were going to fuck his wife that night.

His wife was led off the bedroom and the door left open.

The other 3 sat with the husband drinking and playing cards, both distracting him and reassuring him.

There was little noise from the bedroom and eventually the first Nigerian came out and a second went into the bedroom.

During the second fucking he heard his wife starting to groan; moaning, and then squealing in excitement. They Africans just grinned at him and continued drinking and chatting.

The remaining two Nigerians duly took their turn with his wife’s excitement now clear and obvious as they both fucked her.

The next night the Nigerians called and he watched them lead his wife off to her first customer.

The diplomatic parties now took a new twist. He would arrive at a new party/reception and one of the Nigerians with a whispered word would lead his wife off to a side room where African and Arab diplomats were waiting for the pretty wife of the American Military attaché to get on her knees and suck them off.

(I personally have been to diplomatic parties in Harare where my own wife often was similarly led off from the main reception and have spoken to other white wives of expats in similar situations, one who remarked that these receptions were just as much ‘meat market’ for the African men as any night club back home, just ‘better quality meat.’)

His wife commented that she found it all very exciting sexually, but that she ‘feared’ the Nigerians.

While the Nigerians came good with the $500 a night they soon realised the Nigerians were making a lot more money themselves. Perhaps $500 a night for each of the 4 and more.

They worried the Nigerians would never let such ‘profits’ slip out of their grasp and eventually fled the county across a land border into Benin. They believed they would be stopped if they tried to leave through any airport, or port, having realised these 4 men were part of the fearsome Nigerian Mafia

The link above is a terrific hotel that I am surprised in some ways had survived the economic collapse of the country. I and my wife used to sit in the terrace drinking tea and enjoying cakes while across the valley gunfire from the Mozamabique civil war occasionally blasted out. One of those Mad Dogs and Englishman moments. It had when we were there one of the best restaurants in Zimbabwe.

It was also the scene of one of my most embarrassing moments.

The hotel is expensive by local standards and had mainly a white clientele.

My company had a construction site nearby and I often stopped here on work related trips.

I took my wife here on one of my last trips as a time to say goodby visit alongside a work visit.

On the evening I took her into the bar. There were a couple of extremely expensively dressed Africans in the bar and we had a brief word with them as we ordered drinks prior to the meal.

After the meal we enjoyed coffee and drinks with other white couples in the lounge.

My wife offered to get a round in and went off to the bar. I was sitting with my back to the bar but did not see what followed. She brought the drinks back and then returned to the bar. I was nudged and looked and she was standing chatting with a 60+yo African who had a statesmanlike posture, one of the men we had briefly chatted with earlier. I dismissed it and continued chatting with the white couples we had joined.

However, a few minutes later the ones sitting opposite gasped and sat back staring, and I turned to see my wife strolling out of the bar hand in hand with that African.

She did not take him to our room and did not reappear for breakfast. I did not see her until lunchtime when I returned from work to the Inn ready for the trip home. Her only response to queries was a smug grin.

I spent the night, and many nights sinces imagining her stripping off her flowing dress and presenting her prime 33yo body to the lusting gaze of that 60+ African and then doing whatever it took to keep him hard as long as possible...

On a separate occoasion she fucked one of the security guards, and to the guards obvious shock she also fucked her guard dog.

The hotel rooms are based on the safari principle and the walls overlooking the watering hole shown are just glass observtion screens. On this occasion my wife had advised me her intention and left me in the bar. I took a late night walk by the watering hole and she left the glazed screen uncurtained so I saw everything with the delighted and shocked guard. The dog did not have any uncertainty at all. As soon as my wife dropped to her hands and knees it mounted her and thrust.

cuckolded wimp

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Does your wife (and others you wrote about) still have black african cock, and was the blacks in africa your wifes 1st black cock.?
Love to hear more about whites going black in africa. D,SOUL (under the name of Master Shango) writes storys of whites serving black africans.
Does your wife (and others you wrote about) still have black african cock, and was the blacks in africa your wifes 1st black cock.?

"Surprisingly not (to my knowedge). I was 6 years older than my wife, after our divorce she married (after a string of men) a white man 14 years older than me, also an authoritive figure. That lasted 2 years. She also married a white university professor and that lasted 2 years as well. She clearly leans towards authortive older men, perhaps men who were father figures. I thought her African lover was remarkable similar to her father in build, forthrightness, her father was also a self made successfull businessman. Though he and her mother would probably have had fits if they knew their beloved well brought up catholic educated daughter was now bending over, pulling her buttocks apart and willingly offering her ass to a what seemed like a ten inch thick black cock, never minded dressing up and making their grandaughter look pretty and sexy to please her lover and his friends...

Love to hear more about whites going black in africa. D,SOUL (under the name of Master Shango) writes storys of whites serving black africans.
I will post a few experiences here now and then when I have a moment. Only 5 of my stories on www.storiesonline.net are complete fiction though the level of embroidery varies from story to story depending on the level of knowledge. I have seen and like D'Soul's stories though I think they are sanitised and westernised stories compared to my experiences and observations. But he clearly knows very well the limitations of western publishers

Bear in mind most African countries have only around 10,000 white people. When we where in Zimbabwe there were 200,000 whites half of whom were expats on 1 or 2 year contracts.

I struggle to think of SA as an African country, so westernised has it become, though it does seem to be sliding downhill.
Those in the UK will be familiar of the scandal of a famous UK disc jocky/fund raiser, now deceased, and the revelation not just of his activity with teenage girls, but how it seems others knew but did bot blow the whistle on him because of his fame and celebrity status and the culture then of turning a blind eye.

That news story reminded me of a wealthy white lady's comments about her experience and what happened when a wealthy African was caught with her.

Her Guardian had decided to send her to a boarding school in the UK after he discovered whe was black pregant following a rape she had not reported when she was 13. I think the fact that she herself had not reported the rape, and it only came out through 'sickness' may have been a factor in his decision to send her to the UK.

At first she was escorted by her bodyguard to and from Kenya to the school, but eventually she was allowed to travel alone. She was always in a state of excitement on the return flights because she knew back in Kenya she would soon be fucked again.

She always travelled first class and was often travelling with a small number of rich male passengers, who soon paid attention to a young white teenage girl travelling alone. She told me she looked forward to the lights on the plane going down because shortly after that an African male would often move seats beside her 'to keep her company' and the excitement would start.

Usually it would just be fondling and caressing but sometimes she would get the chance to suck cock as well as play with their cocks, or sit on their laps while the African stroked his cock between her legs getting himself off.

She was only fucked on the plane on one occasion though she had many offers and she was sure that if it was not for the fact her bodyguard always met her off the plane she would have happily gone off with most of those men to their place after the flight to ensure she got a good fucking. But she also knew that her bodyguard would usually stop somewhere on the road home and she would be getting fucked anyway.

The occasion she was fucked on the plane occurred 'after' an air stewardess caught the man with his hand between her legs. She had her panties down around her ankles and her skirt up as he played and fondled with her pussy when suddenly the air stewardess was hovering over them in the aisle. She looked up thinking there was 'going to be trouble now'. She said the stewardess paused for a moment, looked over what was happening. Then reached for the curtains that sealed the individual first class seats and quietely pulled the curtain closed around them. The African just grinned at her and pulled his cock out and she was 'seriously fucked.'

She always assumed the African had slipped a 'bung' to the air stewardess.

She also said that some of the men had walked her off the plane, walked her to her bodyguard, then offered her bodyguard a big bribe to give the man some time with her before the bodyguard took her home, but her bodyguard knew better than to accept, even when there were times she would have been only to happy if he had accepted.

My story 'Plane Seduction' was based on this incident. While 'Alice Scores a Goal' was also based on the same girl and events following her return to Kenya from school.

The lady in question now owns an estate in Kenya employing 600 Africans but says sex is far less fun now that all she has to do is pick up the phone and an African with a hard cock will come running...
When expats live for any time in Africa they come to realise, like it or not, that the best protector is not the husband, but a powerfully connected, wealthy black man who knews how to both protect and can kick things into action when it is needed.

Most African police will shrug their shoulders to a white man whose wife or daughter has gone missing. and once your back is turned will sblackman about his wife, or daughter has probably ran off with a black man....or wonder which brothel she might be in so they can try her for themselves...

Certainly both I, and seperately my wife, were so advised at various times, all part of the pattern that slowly slips into place that results in white women seeking out such protection, knowing their price is the security proved by one virile black cock, rather than the gang fuck of the local factory workers...

Seeing the effect on the local Africans in our suburb to seeing your wife and daughter being escorted around the local shopping mall by my wife's lover's hulking armed bodyguard was a message instantly and immediately noticed by the locals who knew they were being warned off and that they were now 'spoken for, and witnessing the way those Africans in future stayed well clear was belated testimony to the power and influence of such men
A number of people have written to me over they years and on this web-site. Where are the facts? Where is the evidence? and suggesting my stories are all just fantasy!

Yes all my stories are 'stories.' However, all but 5 of them are stores centred around incidents I knew of personally, or knew of through others. I don't write as a rule on 'unwilling' sex as a general rule. The Farm being the only exception. So rape and physical abuse is absent from my stories.

Though seduction, willingness, coercion, blackmail and the pyschological pressures exerted on all parties are quite deliberately explored to the full, along with the natural instinct of the female to start 'bonding' with the man making love to her. even if the man concerned is blackmailing her husband/father in order to have his way with a pretty white female.

Some of the links above might reinforce that these sort of events are not so uncommon in Africa. The fact that they are all in South Africa is simply a testament to that country being a more techinically advanced country that many other African countries, and so events leak out easier
We have never been to Africa but when we lived in the DC suburb of Clinton Maryland, a Nigerian business man moved into the house next door. He worked thru the embassy to secure business for other African business's wanting to do business in the U.S.. With in two months he was fucking Veronika a few times a week and wasn't long after the first time she began being his " date" for party's,embassy functions and business meetings. From the start she was shared with African men of different ages, from different country's sometimes groups of men. Eventually we met his father and sons when they visited for a month and she was shared with them. This went on for a couple years, she was paid well by him and if she would convince a man or group of men to contract with him to represent them he would pay her a nice bonus.
He asked several times if she to fly to Nigeria with him for a couple weeks to meet his partners and others, she never did go which is probably for the best.
We still see him when we go back to DC area to visit but she doesn't service his associates anymore.