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African delight


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we had a weekend away , I convinced him I needed to shop while he sat around the pool , no man likes shopping.
I found a unique gift shop with African artefacts , most interesting and different , as I was browsing I noticed a painting of a tribesman , he was totally naked with the most amazing head dress and a very long shield but the most interesting sight was the size of his cock it was long and very thick , it made we feel queasy and gave me a twinge between my legs.
As I stared at it a voice whispered in my ear , you like, I turned to face an elderly black man with a huge smile he asked if I would like to buy the painting .
He introduced himself as Sam , and asked if I would like to see moor paintings by the same artist.
We went to the back of the store into another section away from the main shop floor , Sam pointed out several other painting all were very erotic and extremly well painted .
Sam asked if I like erotic pictures then showed me his portfolio of his work , Sam was the painter and photographer .
I must admit I was feeling very randy and I could feel myself easing to his advances , Sam then explained that the paintings were of him , I just blurted out so that's your cock in the first painting , he smiled and then showed me photos of him naked with his huge cock in different stages of erection , you like to see , he asked , I just smiled and he removed his caftan under he was totally naked , stroke my cock he asked my hand would not go around it I had to use both , would you like some , he asked , I just said yes please , with that he went and closed the shop .
Sam came back and removed my dress ripped my panties off his fingers fount my very wet clit , he kissed me and I sucked on a huge tongue ,he pinched my nipples till they were hard and long then sucked them and the same time fingering me , he was opening me up , Sam asked if I had ever had a black cock , not this big no , Sam assured me he would be gentle and would get it all in me which made me even moor wetter and wanting his huge cock.
Sam sat on lounge legs wide apart holding his huge manhood telling me to suck his cock and balls , come on white slut do your job bitch , that got me even moor hotter and I lost it I just did what he wanted.
He tasted so fine and I did my best to please this man his pre cum was so nice I knew I was going to enjoy his load.
Sam demanded I stand up and wiggle my ass then he bent me over and rimmed me out , it was as he was doing that I begged to be fucked , Sam slapped my ass you will get fucked when I say you fucking slut first you will lick me all over then I might let you feel my cock again.
I was in heaven ,I ate every part of this man body then was begging him to fuck me , tell me how much you want it he said,I literally begged and told him I was his fuck bitch , he then said I am now going to make you my white slave to my black cock and you will come back whenever I want you , do you agree , all I could do I say yes and again beg to get fuckd.
Sam got me on the lounge with my legs wide apart,kneeling in font of me he held his cock at my opening the head nudged my clit and I started to open , it was huge and I knew he was going to split me as I have never had such a cock enter me , I know when I had my children the pain as there head came through was bad so I knew what to expect from SAMs cock but this was going in not out.
He told me to breath and push as he started to push moor into me , he then grabbed a nipple and with the other arm grab the back of my neck , come on you fucking slut take SAMs cock he screamed you want it don't you , god yes I asked as I relaxed and pushed it started to go in , fuck yes he said good girl now feel the best cock you will ever have and want.
Once in he slowly fucked me until I asked his to go faster , he touched places I never knew I had and I must have cum so many times I lost count , he then told me he was about to fill me with his cum and nor did he fill me. We exchanged numbers and I told him I would be back.