African BBC ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tia, May 10, 2013.

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    20121112184658(72).jpg I'm hooked on BBC!! I've met a guy at work and he's from Africa. He's wanting me to cum to his apt tmrw night and hubby says go for it? Never tried an African BBC? He always tells me he is Huge? Any ladies have first hand exp.?
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    My wife recently had sex with a guy who recently immigrated from Rwanda. His dick was big, but not so much that it was all that different from any other BBC.
    His style of fucking was a bit different. Her doggy and him standing and bending at the knees and very aggressive and loud. Was pretty hot. I agree with your hubby and say go for it.
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    Tia, there are small/average dick African black men just like everywhere else. The DNA didn't get shuffled around with black men once their ancestors left Africa centuries ago. If you specifically want a large cocked, African male, you should just check him out BEFORE going to his apartment. I'm sure he's not going to object to you giving him a "pole check" if he is, as he says, huge. :)