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African Affair

This excerpt is from my favorite novella, African Affair. The story is about a woman who gets abducted by a naked tribe who have public sex all the time. Helga (the heroine) grabs the interest of the king. Sorry I can't seem to load the cover, but it is also a good one and you can find it here.


I noticed that unlike all the other men, he wore an ornately decorated cod piece tied onto his body with a golden thread. It looked to be made of leather, but it had been embossed and painted to look like sort of a dragon. Over his balls was a mesh sack made out of the same gold thread that held the thing on. If anything, it was more erotic than the naked cocks outside. I'm pretty sure my mouth dropped open. I had to swallow hard to keep from drooling.

"You like my phallus?" He couldn't help but see that I was fascinated by it.

I didn't know what to say. I stammered out an affirmative and tried to pry my eyes away from it as I watched the dragon grow. It began to stand up and pointed right at me. He took it in his hand and bounced it up and down once or twice as if to say "have a look!"

"As I'm sure you've noticed we have a very different way of looking at sexual needs and desires in our tribe. We spend a lot of time fucking. We like it! Unfortunately, as King, I have less license than most of the Adgala people."

"I've read about the Adgala people!" I exclaimed. I was grateful for a diversion that would take the conversation to more comfortable ground. The atmosphere in this place crackled with such erotic energy that it confused me even as it stimulated. "I thought there were no more of you."

"That is the myth we have tried to keep alive. Our legendary wealth attracts vermin. We choose not to have it taken from us by government or tribe."

He absently scratched his balls beneath the golden snood. "I find this whole cock-wrapper a nuisance. I'm also forbidden from spilling my seed into a woman who's not my Queen. I get a lot of blow jobs but it's not the same. Last time I came back from a trip to Europe I brought condoms. None of the women would allow them inside their vaginas. The children wound up using them as toys."
I giggled.

"I know you're probably thinking that a King should be able to do as he pleases with anyone in any way. But it isn't so. The Adgala women are very powerful, especially sexually. We believe that woman is possessed of much more sexual capacity so her wishes are very much respected."

"That's nice to know. I have to admit it made me quite nervous to see a group of men looking at me and masturbating." I inclined my head toward the door.

The King laughed. "Those men would not take you against your will. Any one of them would be happy to please you. I'm afraid I have forbidden the men from fucking you, even if you should ask. But you're welcome to other things."

"Other things?" I had to ask. I'd ponder the reason behind his prohibition later.

"I would not object to any man or woman licking your pussy, if it would bring you happiness. Or masturbate you. Certainly, you would give the men outside great pleasure if you would simply allow them to jerk on their cocks and spill their semen on your pale flesh."

I must have looked horrified because the King patted my hand in a paternal way as if to calm me.
"We find you fascinating and beautiful. Most of my people have never left this place. Although they are aware that white people such as you exist, many have never seen one in person. And certainly none, including myself, have ever watched a goddess walk in their midst."

I saw his cock take a little jump as he pronounced me a goddess and stared openly as my chest. I couldn't help but feel the electricity of the place. The man was standing in front of me with his cock dressed up like a dragon, now 'in flight' no less, and my pussy began to swell a bit at his frank observation of my naked body. My nipples jumped up in erect pink points.

"Your breasts speak of Mother Earth. May I touch them?" He held out his hands, ochre palms turned up just an inch or so under my breasts. I felt as though it would be offensive to refuse his almost innocent request. I nodded yes.

I sucked in my breath as his flesh met mine. First he lifted them in his hands, hefting them as if measuring their heaviness in his big hands. Then he traced a finger around my areole sending shivers through me and causing my nipples to stand out even further from my breasts.

Ask and ye shall receive. Here's a bit more from the novella, African Affair.


They walked me down a path through the tent village. It was spotless and all of the tents were more or less the same spacious dimensions as the one I had been in. Although every man woman and baby stopped whatever they were doing to look at me, no one approached to touch me as they had been doing the night before. Whatever authority had stopped their attention still held.

I was completely taken aback by the several couples we passed opening fucking in public. Even they stopped when I passed by but held their positions. One woman was on her knees on a small rug taking it from the rear. Another woman had her legs wrapped around her partner's waist as he stood and leaned her against a tree. A third man was being ridden by a woman who smiled broadly at me when I passed and then immediately resumed bucking against her partner. The last couple I saw were two men. One had bent over at the waist and had his hands and feet on the ground while another man held his hips and gave it to him in the ass. This was a very peculiar tribe that had taken me.

We arrived at a picture perfect lake with a small waterfall feeding into it. The women had brought leather bags with them. One was full of large fluffy towels and the other had little pots and jars, bars of fine milled soap, an ivory comb and a huge carved black cock. When she saw my eyes grow wide as she placed it next to the other items, she giggled.

The women led me to the rush of water under the falls and began to bathe me. One took something from one of the little pots and rubbed her hands through my hair. They kept up a constant babble between them and I am sure it was about my hair, my skin and my dimensions. All four of their breasts together would not make one of mine and the women lifted and petted my generous bosom almost reverently. They carefully washed me with soap that had a luxurious sandalwood scent to it. They paid an extraordinary amount of attention to my crotch. They took turns washing my blond bush and were not at all shy about exploring the folds of my pussy with their soapy fingers. At one point, one of them spread my labia apart so that they could both get a good look at my clit. They turned me around and spread my ass cheeks and took a good look there as well.

I suppose it was just curiosity. I was as big or bigger than most of the men I had seen in the village. I towered above the women who were fairly small in stature, with little breasts, narrow hips and prominent bottoms. Perhaps they wanted to make sure I really was a woman and not some freak.

When they were finished with the washing part, one of the ladies picked up the big carved cock, slathered it with oil from one of the pots and came at me with it. She began to poke it at my clit in, I presume, an attempt to stimulate me. When I pulled away, she seemed confused and tried again. Both women were making sounds of encouragement, but I wanted nothing to do with it. The woman with the dildo in her hand held it out to me and gestured for me to use it on myself. I shook my head no. She looked even more confused and passed the wand to her friend who took it with her to the falls.

While the first woman combed the tangles carefully out of my hair, I watched as her companion thoroughly washed herself, rinsed and then began to work herself over with the black phallus. She was quite vocal about it, too. I watched as she shoved the hefty tool past her tightly coiled pussy hairs. She started to vigorously rub her clit while she thrust the shaft in and out of her hole. When she came, she sort of doubled over, tilted her head back and howled.
Lol. No, I did not know that. Rene, by any chance are you a dominatrix or into S&M? I just get that vibe from you. Any truth to my assumption?
I am an erotic gourmand. Many things appeal to me. A little bondage here, a little soft dominatrix there--it's all good. I'm afraid I like variety too much to go for anything as a steady diet. Did I mention exhibitionism? That's nice, too.
I love public nudity and go to nude beaches whenever I can find them. That was sort of my original inspiration for this story. Of course, nude beaches don't allow public fucking. You have to go to an on premise club for that sort of thing. So, the idea of an 'anything goes' society appealed to me.