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We had saved for months, building our vacation time so we could both take a nice extended vacation. For what seemed like an eternity, we would show each other travel brochures of beautiful places in the world. I showed her the lush tropical settings of China and the Americas, she was showing me the beauty of Southeast Asia.

When we decided on a trip to Africa, we had both become anxious and scurried off to travel agencies and into the vast reaches of the internet to find attractions and events that would pique our interest.

Plans had been made, bags were packed and we were finally on our way. After a lengthy flight, our plane finally touched down in the southernmost tip of the Dark Continent. When the doors to the plane opened, the steaming heat from the African rain forest immediately filled the plane and the cool dry air gave way to the hot, muggy heat of our vacation spot.

We were greeted at the terminal gate and whisked away in a small open-air golf type cart, up a small winding dirt road to the desolated resort we had picked from our brochures. We rounded many jungle outcroppings and when the driver finally shifted the cart into a lower gear and rounded the final corner, we could see a beautiful tropical setting with a large pool and grass huts that seemed to emanate from the central area on long wooden pathways. We knew our hut would be one of the many that sprawled the expansive grounds located on a ridge overlooking the azure blue of the Atlantic Ocean.

We were escorted to our small villa that was secluded amongst the banana and palm trees by a young woman who wore a short brightly colored wrap around skirt and a matching cloth top that barely covered her large breasts that were obviously not held firmly with a bra. After we unpacked with the willing help of the native helpers, we browsed the grounds and became more familiar with our surroundings. We strolled into the main lobby of the compound and asked the gentleman at the front desk who graciously helped us look at brochures of things and events to occupy our time while we were visiting this beautiful resort. He showed us the more conventional things to do, such as horseback riding and golfing. We didn't really indulge in these types of sports and asked if there was anything the local people did that was interesting and that would keep us occupied.

Our host smiled and me and then looked at my wife and with a large grin that showed his pearly white teeth, he told me that there was a special ritual that would be taking place the next evening with the local Masai Tribe. He told us that the Masai's were an old tribe that occupied the hilly country and were not usually exposed to the visitors of the southern part of the country but he would talk to one of their leaders and see if we might be able to visit the local Masai village. He told us that most of the locals were aware of the celebration and ritual that would be occupying the tribal villages for the next week and most of the women would visit these special events. He looked at her and smiled. She returned his smile and we turned and left the lobby. We again looked around the compound and returned to our hut for a rest after the long airplane flight.

Approximately an hour later, a young man lightly knocked on the door and my wife opened it. He looked at her and asked if the master was available. She smiled at him for his simple question and turned and with a wink said "master, someone is here for you". I opened the door and the young man coyly looked at her and then at me and motioned for me to come closer to him. He whispered to me that if I would like to take my wife to the Masai village, I should be at the front of the lobby in the morning at 6:00 am as it was a long drive. He then looked at her and then me and turned and ran back down the wooden footpath to the main compound area.

We woke and dressed for another hot day. I wore some khaki pants and cotton shirt while she dawned a brightly colored sundress with some native sandals that we had purchased in the gift shop the evening before. We were excited as the sun crested the horizon and brought the bright pink and crimson clouds to a yellow and then faded into to the heat of the day. We waited for our ride and after a short period of time, we could see a small jeep drive round the corner of the compound, driven by a rather large black man. He would be our guide into the lush tropical hills of the eastern slopes of the Masai domain.

Our guide told us that she would be the special guest so she would be sitting in the front seat with him and I would travel in the back with the bags we had packed for the day's journey into the wilds of Africa.

The journey was long. We stopped for a short period of time in a local village to pick up some food. Back into the jeep at the urging of our guide and off into the distance again we traveled at a slow pace. Just when we thought we would never get to our destination, we drove up a small river embankment and there lie the village just ahead.

We could tell there was a special event about to take place because even though the village was very primitive, it had numerous brightly colored shafts of flowers sticking out from the doors of the dozen or so grass huts that seemed to form a circle around a large earthen area. All of the huts doors seemed to open to the inside and we both thought this might be for some sort of protection from dangerous animals that may be lurking in the tropical vegetation that had grown almost to the rear of the huts.

Our guide introduced us to the chief of the Masai and he gladly welcomed us into his village. We were fed portions of vegetables and seeds and some sticky paste that resembled ground up dried meat that seemed to be quite tasty. Finishing our meal was a large portion of some native fruit and some bread that had been cooked over a campfire and resembled a large cracker.

The residents of the village seemed to be running around as if trying to meet a deadline and while the men were gathering wood for a large campfire and grinding some sort of flower blossoms and petals into a pasty substance and putting them into what appeared to be chalices made from carved wood, the women were each putting flowers at the entrances to all the huts and cleaning the insides.

As the sun began to slowly sink into the dark ambers of the horizon, the men attempted to light the fire in the center of the dirt area to the center of the huts. We assumed that this was to keep the ceremony free of the night dwelling creatures and to keep everyone warm even though the night air was quite warm.

We were talking to some of the large warrior type men who seemed to be rather friendly and were joking amongst them until we noticed at approximately 9 pm that a huge full moon had crested the center of a valley that led from the east into the village. The moonlight seemed to fill the small village and terminated at the great bonfire that was now blazing with dark blue and orange flames.

The mood in the village seemed to change suddenly as the full moon broke from the bonds of the horizon. The men seemed that there was an urgency to do some last minute chores.

Until now, we knew there was to be a celebration or ceremony but we didn't ask what it entailed or for what purpose. We were told that this was a ritual that had been carried on for many generations and would continue into the far distant future.

The men of the village seemed to be all coming out of one of the huts at one end of the village and they all had large skins of different wild animals. All of the dangerous beasts were represented in these beautiful pelts. I thought how beautiful these were and thought that the hides must represent their hunting skills. Each man entered into a different hut and came out without the hides and then returned to the hut that they had picked out their skins.

The women of the village began to enter into the center of the circular dirt area and seemed to be wearing a smaller skirt type of skin of wild animals but had on no garments to cover their breasts. The women ranged in ages from 15 to 25 and all seemed to have beautiful bodies with firm breasts and fully developed hips. We didn't see this many women when we first came to the village so they must have been working in distant areas. There were approximately 20 to 25 women who gathered around the circle and put flowers in their hair and began talking and giggling amongst themselves.

The men began to return and all seemed to be carrying some large drums made of carved woods and had animal skins stretched over the ends of the huge barrel like drums.

A few of the men began to beat a very deep and continuous tone on the drums while other men recovered some of the chalices that we had seen earlier and handed one to each of the women. Some of the older men were given a chalice that seemed to be made of a black ebony type wood, distinctly different than the ones given to the women.

The drums continued their beat and the women continued to drink from their chalices and talk.

I was given a black chalice with a fruity drink in it, possibly from a local citrus but it seemed to have a slight alcoholic taste to it.

My wife was given one of the chalices that the other women seemed to have. We drank and talked to the large black man who drove us to the village. He told us that we would probably return to the resort sometime tomorrow afternoon but we should enjoy the evening and try to understand the ritual as best we can.

The guide then told us that this ritual was the fertility ritual that occurs approximately once yearly when the full moon rises from the center of the valley and shines its light into the huts. This is the time of year that the Masai feel is the best and most fertile for the women of the tribe.

While we listened to the people talking about the ritual and the rights of the local tribe, we drank from the cups that were given to us. The drums seemed to now take on a rather ethereal beat that seemed to vibrate the inner core of our bodies. I think the slight sedative of the drink with the repetitious beat of the drums caused an almost hypnotic effect on us. I was sitting on a log that had been placed so it was like a comfortable chair with my wife sitting next to me.

As the minutes ticked on, the drink I was consuming was beginning to take and affect on me like no other I had ever taken. I seemed to be in a euphoric state but clearly aware of my surroundings. My limbs and speech seemed to slow until I felt like I was paralyzed. I felt as if I was floating in a pool of warm liquid and the drums seemed to spiral my senses as if I would float forever.

Unlike me, the drink she had been consuming was taking a different effect. Her body seemed to be coming alive. She too was in a euphoric state and could see bright colors jumping from the fire. The monotony of the drums seemed to start a pulse within her body that made her feel as if all her senses were at maximum enjoyment.

The men who began to perform some sort of war dance, or fertility dance were now dancing around the outside of the bonfire and around the backs of the women. The women were now languishing in the euphoric state and had quit conversing. They seemed to be rolling their heads in a circular motion and when they would open their eyes, they seemed to have a far off dreamy look.

I glanced over at you and could not speak. My body seemed to be totally relaxed and I seemed to be mesmerized by the drums and the dancing of the men. They all seemed to be so big and strong and so deliberate in their movements as if scaring off evil spirits from the darkness.

While looking at my wife, I couldn't help but think how beautiful she was sitting on the log with her long black hair and light skin, unlike the short hair of the native women. She had her legs spread slightly but kept spreading and then closing her legs to the beat of the drums as if nervous or in an erotic state. I could see that the deep base sound of the music was taking an effect on her also. When she looked at me, I could see she had that dreamy far off look that the other women were now displaying.

I turned my head to the guide who told me that the ritual was about to begin. When I asked him what was going to happen, he explained to me that when the moon rose from the deepest part of the valley, it was the most fertile time for the women to bear the children of the Masai men, so tonight was the night that they would all become pregnant by the fathers of their children. It was told to me that women from other tribes respected and almost worshiped the large men of the Masai tribe and some of the young women were actually from adjoining tribes. The guide told me that the men would select a woman from the fertility ring and take them into the huts the women had prepared and they would breed them until they were pregnant. When the man was finished with the mating, he would return to dance around the fire again and another man would enter the hut of the woman who had just been spermed. It is believed that the women of the Masai tribe bear the baby of all the men she has mated with during the ritual. No woman is possessed by one man; all the men are the father of all the children of the village.

I found this very interesting and began to see some of the men pick up a couple of the young women and carry them into some of the grass huts. The men seemed to know which of the women would be fertile and ready to bear his baby.

I became very stimulated, by the thought of the young women being mated by the big warrior studs and then lying in their huts waiting for the next man to enter the hut and breed with her also. This would go on all night until the men could not send any more of their life giving seed deep into the wombs of the waiting women.

I could see men entering and leaving some of the huts and knew that the women they had just left behind were languishing in their sperm.

My wife just rolled her head back and forth and could feel the drums beating in her soul. Her body pulsed with the drumbeat and it seemed that her clit had become erect and was pulsing with the hypnotic beat that permeated the darkness of the jungle and into the souls of the women who were present. I could see a contented smile on her face and could only imagine what was going through her mind.

For an instant, one of the biggest of the black warriors stopped in front of me and looked at me and then moved in front of my wife. He looked at her and when I turned my head, I could see her smile at him with a coy grin on her face. He held out his hand and it was all she could do to lift her arm to touch his hand. He pulled her to her feet and in one swooping motion; he lifted her over his shoulder. I could see her listless body and the smoothness of her upper thighs, glistening in the moonlight as he turned and walked her to one of the far huts in the circle. This large man had to duck under the door as it was small in comparison to his muscular physique.

I was not jealous in the least and could attribute it to the drink, but rather aroused to see this large man take her into one of the mating huts.

When she entered the hut, there were no words spoken. She could feel a life energy flowing through her body and it made all her senses tingle. Her breasts had become firm and her nipples tight. Her pussy seemed to be getting wetter as she felt the warmth of the energy flowing through her body. She had never felt more alive and in touch with her senses than she did at the present. In almost total darkness, this huge man lay her down on a leopard skin that was about twice as big as she was. The fur seemed to be warm from the glow of the fire outside. The man just stood and looked at her for a moment and then slowly bent over and pulled her into an upright position. He reached behind her and unbuttoned the top button of her dress and then without any hesitation, he moved to the next and then the next. Her skin seemed to catch on fire with each touch of this man's large hands. He slowly pulled the top of her sundress from her shoulders, bearing her heavy breasts that weren't covered by a bra. She lay down and raised her ass as he slid off her dress and then slid his thumbs under the waistband of her panties and slid them down her legs. The fur of the leopard skin was stretched across the dirt floor of the hut and her body seemed to feel each of the fibers of hair as she rolled around on it. The stud then pulled off the skin he had covering his lower body which was the only piece of clothing the men had worn.

Immediately through glazed eyes, she could see his jet black cock which was rigid and approximately 10" long. He bent down to his knees and without resistance, pulled her ankles apart. She knew that she was going to get fucked and possibly mated but her body reacted as if it was natural and something that needed to be done. She wanted him to fuck her, her pussy was soaking in its natural lubricant and her vaginal lips had swollen to sensitize the pounding her pussy was about to get.

Through half closed eyes she could see the silhouette of the man kneel between her legs and guide his stiff cock to the entrance of her cunt. He lowered his weight onto her and she could feel his massive cock slide deep inside of her, reaching places that have never been touched by another man's cock. The head of his dick was wedged against the entrance to her womb when she could feel his large balls slap against her ass. Then it happened, her pussy grabbed onto his cock and her body thrust into convulsions as he began to pump his long, thick gristly piece of meat in and out of her body, thrusting his cock deep into her pussy with each of his strokes. Her body seemed to be in a continuous orgasm from the time he entered her until she felt him slap his balls against her ass and could feel his cock throbbing as he ejaculated his Masai baby into her womb. Our bodies seemed to move as one. Her hips tilted up with each thrust to meet his down strokes. In unison she consummated the mating with this strong warrior, all the time her pussy convulsing around his rigid shaft. When he withdrew from her, she couldn't move, she was exhausted.

I sat on the log and could see the large man come out of the hut and wondered if my wife had been mated by this man but I couldn't move and was assured by the guide that the Masai men take very good care of their women and not to worry about your well being. My cock was stiff and about to shoot my own cum in my pants but I could not move and also knew I could not be part of the ritual as I was not a Masai man. I just knew that when we finally got together tonight, I would be so horny that I probably wouldn't last long when we fucked. However this was not to be. I was not allowed to sleep with her on the night of the fertility rights. The only people allowed to be with the women were the warriors who had earned the right to give their offspring to the women and I had not earned that right.

As I lay on the log, another man had entered her hut. I could feel the drums still beating and still felt as if I was floating in warm liquid. Moments later I thought I could hear her scream in an intense orgasm but my judgment was impaired by the sedative that I had drank.

On by one they entered the hut to find her stretched out in a languid state with her legs spread wide, willing to accept the next mating. Whatever the sedative was that they had given her, it kept her pussy dripping on fire only to be satisfied by the next stiff cock that was thrust deep between her waiting and wanting lips.

The hut was dark and with her eyes closed in her dreamy state, all she could hear is the sound of the natives chanting their words and the deep resonance of the large drums. Her body had become part of the beat and it throbbed with each and every pounding of their deafening tones. Her pussy seemed to be more alive than it ever has and was the center of all her feeling. She had lost track of each man that had entered the hut but knew that when she saw the door opening, she would soon be mated with again. Each man knelt between her outstretched legs and she willingly and wantingly tipped her pelvis up slightly to allow easier access to the massive hard cocks that were slid in with more and more ease into your depths. Each man pounded her pussy with renewed vigor and a smile crossed her face as she could feel their huge balls slapping against her ass. Her hips bucking with each thrust of the warrior's onslaught until their hips tensed and they drove the bulbous heads of their cocks against the opening of her uterus and squirted load after copious load of sticky white cream into her soft white belly. All the while, her body seemed to be enraptured in an drug induced orgasmic state that didn't seem to end and her pussy which normally would become dry after so much intercourse, seemed to have an endless flow of it's own fluid and contracted firmly onto each cock as it mixed with the cum of all the warriors.

By now, all the fertile women had been selected and taken to huts and the men just seemed to dance around the fire until they had the urge to enter a hut. Each man spent about 20 minutes in each hut. Occasionally I could hear screams from the women as they had their orgasms and their pussy's swallowed yet another load of cum from the large balls of the Masai Warriors.

Each man had been in all the huts at least once, which means at least 10 of the warriors had visited my wife's hut. One after another they came into her hut and time and time again I thought I could hear her sensuous screams of pleasure. She lay on the leopard skin with her legs spread wide to accommodate each of them. One by one they walked in, disrobed and knelt in front of her. Soaking in her beauty, they guided their rigid cocks into her sloppy wet cunt which was now very relaxed and loose and dripping copious amounts of white cum from the men who had taken her before. As each man penetrated her, it would send her body into an intense orgasm which lasted the entire time the Masai stud was inside of her. Her body thrashed and trembled, her clit throbbing with the rhythmic beat of the drums. Her entire purpose at the present was to mate with the men. Her body responded to the aphrodisiac she had drank, the beating of the drums and of course the hard lengths of fertile cocks that were being thrust deep between her outstretched thighs, time and time again.
I didn't know if my wife had mated with any of the men or all of them but I know she didn't return to me for the remainder of the night.

After the last of the 10 men had left her hut, there was one of the elder women who came into the hut with a bowl of hot water and some soft moss. She felt like she was paralyzed. She was not sore but still unable to move. Her body was still sensitive and her legs were spread apart. Although I was unaware of what had happened in the hut, she was very much aware that all of the 10 men had fucked her and emptied the annual product of their heavy balls into the depths of her womanhood.

This woman squeezed the warm water through the moss and began to clean her up. She felt as though she couldn't move but was not embarrassed as the elderly woman wiped the cum that had oozed from her depths. She had taken one year's worth of cum from each of the 10 men and the sticky white fluid was all over her from her waist to her mid thigh.
The next thing I remembered was waking up and still being on the log. I looked around and did not see any of the men. The village was quiet and the fire consisted of dying embers now. Surprisingly I did not have a hangover and when I attempted to move, I could do it freely without any restraint.

I got up and walked to the hut where I had seen the large warrior take my wife. When I opened the door, I was almost afraid, I didn't know if she would be in there or even still alive. When I looked inside, I saw her lying on her side with her clothes laid neatly on the ground next to her. She was naked and I could see she was in a sound sleep. Her hair was messed up and the hut smelled of sex but there was no other sign.

I lay on the ground behind her and put my arm over her and drifted off to sleep. Unknown to me, her pussy was still dripping cum but not all of it. Neither one of us knew that it is known throughout the world that the mating ritual of the Masai tribe is 100% effective. All of the women who participate in this ritual become pregnant and bear the children of the tribe. While I lay behind her in her slumber, the copious amount of cum that had been ejaculated into her cunt was now beginning to fertilize her egg and soon she would bear a baby of the Masai.