I know from trying that my wife won't have sex with a bbc. I tried to get her to agree to that for years. However, I think I could get her to allow a black male LMT to give her a massage with me present in the room. That way I could see a black man's hands please my wife and I get to watch. Do y'all think this would be a suitable plan? And if so, how do I go about finding a masseur near Nashville ? Thanks for your responses.


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You are trying to ride a dead horse. She has apparently made her wishes clear. Bring a black male to give her just a massage is likely going to be seen as an attempt to seduce her. The result will likely be at best a pissed off wife and at worst you personal items in the lawn in front of your house. Some people cross the color line some don't. The trip has to be voluntary


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I know from trying that my wife won't have sex with a bbc.
Will she have sex with anyone other than you, Gruff1? I'm not saying you can't eventually encourage her to give you what you want, but this should be about HER, not YOU. Usually the ladies prefer knowing a guy a bit longer before sex ... that means establishing a friendship or at least a common relationship.
Also, to get what you want, you often need to give her what she wants ... do you know what she wants? Do you know her sexual fantasies ... do you roll play? What specific interests, related to sex, has she specifically indicated she enjoys.
At most I'd look at this desire you have as a long term progression and focus first on HER.

PS ... welcome to b2w and for filling out your personal information page.

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It also depends if she really isnt interested, or is not comfortable saying she is. It took me a while to get comfortable admitting it was my fantasy. Its not easy coming out and saying it to your husband. I would be clear about how you feel, and be supportive of whatever decision she makes. But make sure you make her feel comfortable. Maybe watch some interracial porn. If she gets hot, its a good sign .
There are three types of women 1. No Fucking way 2. Maybe lets meet and see what happens 3. Oh god yes

for 1. Don't risk your marriage
for 2. Your on the way
for 3. Whats in her past LOL she is a keeper

advice if you have a 1 then find someone else on the side, if you have a 2 then find someone and have fun, and if you have a 3 hold on for the ride of your life LOL
Thank you all for your responses. Just so everyone knows, it would be totally above board. There will be no sex involved. The LMT has to be a professional. I'll tell her about it. If she is not comfortable with him being black, then it won't happen. However, I think she may not care. After all, she gets a massage. The LMT gets paid his fee and I get to watch. But if she says no, then it will not happen. Thanks everybody.