Advice please on from Black to White Patrons

I've had a problem, a secret, which I cannot share with anyone in real life. You see, even though I am a tall white male, about six feet with an adequate penis size of about 6 inches, I've always felt inferior to Black Men in the workplace, school, and literally every enviroment I've been in. Don't get me wrong, I'm a tough guy, I'm not a wimp, I've been in bar fights, and I make good money, and have a stunning auburn blonde girlfriend, but whenever I'm around coal Black Africans, I feel insecure.

This one friend of mine for instance is a Kenyan, he's only 5''7, we've gone to Disney world together with our girlfriends. His girlfriend is a white brunnett. Also pretty but nothing like mine. The thing is, I've been fighting the growing suspicion, or obsession that he's been fucking my girlfriend too behind by back. I can't prove it, but I fantasy about it. I feel very jealous and shamed that I find myself masterbating when I think about it, even though I'm angry. I just can't stop. I think about black white cuckolding interracial sex both at school, at work, on lunch breaks. I'm almost 29 years old, and I've had this problem since I was 14.

I download massive amounts of Interracial porn every day, and my greatest fear is that my live-in girlfriend will find it, an act on urges that might be just below the surface. I find myself frantic deleted whole gigabites of Interracial Porn, sometimes as many times as five nights every week.

Is there a safe place I can store all my Interracial Porn online, so that when I feel fearful or ashamed I can just access and download it right back quickly?

Also, is there any known cure for a white boy's interracial addiction?

I really need to know the answers to these questions. I've been told that Black Men don't really have bigger cocks than white men, but I've seen a very thick bulge in the pants of my Kenyan friend several times, and not just when we went to Disney world together, and not just when he and his girlfriend was talking. He had it when he was alone with my girlfriend and I came back from the bathroom.

I want some reassurage that I'm imagining things, and that my short much poorer, but very Black Kenyan friend does not have a bigger cock than me and is not fucking my girlfriend?

If he is should I be ok, with it? After all, I'm constantly masterbating to the thought of being cuckolded and masteringbating to interracial cuckold porn? If I open up to my girlfriend, will I only cause the avalanch?

How do I stop? I masterbate at least once every two or three days? This is a serious problem. Can anyone help me?
I've been seriously thinking about it, but I'm such a tough guy. It could ruin my tough white guy image. I'll loose respect, and I don't even know if it's all in my head, and this is all just the result of interracial porn propaganda, and what it black men do not have bigger cocks, and it's just the contrast and the size of interracial porn black men that turns me on along with the humiliation.

If I talk about it, will I just be laughed at as an addict? Am I wrong? Do white females secretly desire a big coal black cock? My brain says they do, but I don't know the reality. Are their cocks bigger despite their physical size?
Do they give more pleasure? Am I being selfish my denying my girlfriend the greater pleasure of an African?
I want some kind of reassurance that it's not true. That big Coal Black Kenyan friend is not really better than me. I'm very straight. And I mean a very straight guy. I worship women. I love white women especially. I want some kind of reassurance that all this stuff about black sex being better is all in my imagination. The result of interracial porn addiction, and porn addiction generally, and if I can only stop it will all go away. I really love my girlfriend more than life itself. I don't want to loose her. I want to stop, but I can't.
Sounds to me like you are in the early stages of becoming who you really are. It's like discovering you're gay but are unsure how to proceed in the face of ridicule. It's your right to keep it private and to yourself, but there are places you can go to feel safe being who you are, this being one of them. I've encountered men such as yourself quite often thru the years. I broke them all. Someone will break you soon and make you ok with watching your woman take a cock like you could never give her. Give it time. Until then, do what feels best for you and have fun. Soon, your true nature will take over. It always does, one way or the other.
I need an interracial porn fix now. She just went to bed. Said she was tired from her day. I just know she was out with "him." What should I watch. I just locked my door.
If I admit it will you please send me a link to the most titilating black white interracial cuckolding movie you know of? I desperately need something even more hardcore.