Adventurous Couple Seeks Third - For Ongoing Assignations in Raleigh, NC


Real Person
Adventurous and creative couple looking for a third. We're specifically looking for a dominant/alpha man who is interested in creating a friendship as well as meeting for hot sexual trysts. We will chat a bit online before meeting, to assess the connection, and general communication compatibility.

45yo, 5 foot 10 inches, in shape (swimmer/runner's body - 167#), and good-looking in a boy-next-door sort of way. Blond/ginger with blue eyes, fair skin.

40yo, 5 foot 6 inches, 36C bust/29 inch waist/43 inch hips, curvy (159#, about a woman's size 8), attractive. Dark hair, dark eyes, fair skin.

Both super-smart and interested in your mind as much as your body. We're good at sex and sensuality and believe there is more to a successful encounter than a grab for the genitals. Although we both play both sides of the dominance/submission game, you will be dominant, confident and easy enough in it that we will both enjoy relaxing into our roles.

You are clean, dominance-minded, attractive, engaging, and creative in the sack.

You enjoy courtship and treating a woman like a woman, while sparring with her mind, it's part of the game with you.

You enjoy spending time with another man's lady, and letting him know about it, flaunting your masculinity and power.

You get hot texting with your partners to create the sexual tension leading to an intense evening together.

You realize that creating a red hot hotwife relationship is often not simple, but it should feel easy, fun and sexy.

You will enjoy time drinking beers out alone with him, taking her on dates and nights out (maybe escorting her to parties and events) alone, and spending evenings together.

Sex may be you and she alone (with regular teasing and updates to him), you and she watched by him, or the three of us, with various levels of his involvement. You will at the very least not be afraid of "crossed swords" during sex.

Nice, but not required:
Gifted in the cock department.
Bi-sexual or heteroflexible.

Again, these are nice, but the most important aspects are noted above, especially the brain bits.

A Sample Encounter... (you play the unnamed man)

"Clean me. Suck that cum out of me like a good boy. Lap it up. Taste how a real man fills me up."

Your tongue reaches out, sliding deep into me, tasting his strong musk mixed with my female tang. You moan into my flesh, feeling the fantasy-turned-reality sink into your bones for the first time, ever.

You go into a frenzy of licking and sucking, trying to push your face even further into me, your hands grasping my ass, trying to smother yourself, to become a part of me.

You feel me adjust, as my other leg slides up next to your ear, and my body weight settles on your face, causing you to arch your back to become my seat.

I grind on your face, moaning in pleasure, using you as I need. Your tongue sliding in and out, your nose slipping back and forth.

You are lost in the scents and taste of me and a virile black man falling down over you, into your open mouth, onto your gluttonous tongue as you swallow greedily.

Something is changing, moving, just outside your immediate consciousness, and you realize he is straddling your body, with his chest against my back, his arms wrapped around me, hands on my breasts, toying with my nipples. Opening your eyes, you see his skilled hands giving me pleasure, and his mouth sucking and biting at my neck.

My hips rock harder against you as I moan, thrusting my breasts out for more attention, and grinding down harder on your face.

It's harder to breathe as I rock myself to orgasm on your face over and over. You can suck in a breath here and there, and you cough a little as I squirt into your mouth unexpectedly.

You taste my sweet, hot ejaculate as it slides down your throat, carrying cum and sweat deep into you.

I lift upon my hips, as his fingers slide down to play with my clit.

"Don't move an inch. You stay right where you are and watch."

You keep your eyes open, just inches from my wet pussy as his fingers slide down, and part my lips. His thick fingers, so different from your slender ones, slip teasingly over me, making my hips quiver just above your nose. He finds the right spot quickly, wetting his fingers, slipping them inside, then sliding back out to rub my button.

A moan escapes my lips as the pleasure arcs through me.

You can't help but moan with me, quietly. You feel your gut tightening, and your hips raising as he slowly brings me to orgasm right above you. You can smell my arousal growing again, and you can see my wetness coating his fingers when I buck forward.

His fingers slide back, finding their way into me, as his palm presses against my mound, grinding into me. His knuckle brush by your nose, surprising you, and you pull your head back, further into the cushion. You lift your body even higher at the hips, trying to press your head further back out of the way.

His fingers slide into and curl up inside me, just as you showed him. A rush of pride and fear lance through you. Pride, because you taught him how to please me. Fear, because you've taught him your secrets, and he will touch me the way you touch me, bringing me to the heights that only you have brought me to before.

My cries bring you back to yourself, just in time to feel a warm rush of liquid splash out onto your face and into your open mouth.

He made me squirt! A rush of sorrow crashes over you, even as you swallow and lick your lips. And just as the last of it slips down your throat, you feel exultant, because this is what you've always wanted.


Your woman being pleased by a man.

A man with a gorgeous big cock.

And you serving.

Your dream.

Oh, and you'll be interacting with me, the female of the couple first. If we get along, he'll be brought in to communicate as well, as engagement with both of us is a requirement, to make this work for us.

Responses with photos will get priority, attraction is a key factor for me, I admit.

Thank you for reading.

If this ad resonates with you, I look forward to hearing from you. If not, best of luck to you in fulfilling your own personal fantasies!