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Addiction ... you can see it in our eyes


Calvin Johnson

That is true...you know a white woman is fully addicted when she has that lear in here eyes that says she wants to lay down and accept everything you want to do to her

Janice K

Gold Member
My blk bf says that when my eyes role to the top of my head and the only thing he sees is the white of my eyes, that's when he knows then that I'm in a complete orgasm.. so yes, I agree that you can see it in our eyes..actually, the whole facial expression is the biggest sign of complete satisfaction..

cuckolded wimp

Gold Member
The first time my wife went with a black man, as well as noticing all the obvious things that were happening: smelling the smell of pure sex, hearing the groans of pure pleasure, the pleasure of tasting the pre cum as it leaked from her and him, AND seeing the pleasure and pure love in my wifes eyes as the black god took her to heaven.