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Real, personal pictures only, lets see some husbands who enjoy sharing their wife and bull. I've taken thousands of pictures and video of them and I know I'd like to show some of them off, what about you?
TOUCHDOWN! Picture of the moment her first bull pushed her onto her back and entered her balls deep with his 9+ cock for the first time. Bareback is her choice. I love the position of her hands as she spreads her legs wide, almost like she's swooning as he enters her for the first time!
Nice! After he'd opened her up for the first time. His cock sparkling with my wife's juices he sat back and pulled almost out, yet still in touch with her labia and sex as she showed me his black cock in my wife
mmmm, homeboi has already unloaded in her twice and it's their first date. I love this picture of her spread wide relaxed as he pumps slowly in and out of my wife's tight cunt. Sucking and squishy sounds prevail as he builds back up to fuck her again.
More to follow! Add your favorites of your own wife/slut and a description of the action!



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He's been on top of her for hours when they decided to switch. My wife loves to be taken doggy, on her hands and knees submissive to her bull and he fucks her slowly at first for my camera.
Ever deeper he works his long black dick into my wife. She moans and purrs as she feels him stretching her deeper and deeper.

When she feels my hand on her leg and knows i'm watching she forces backward, impaling herself on him knowing i'm watching her engulf his entire 10" cock inside her.
feeling her push down he fucks in short strokes, deep ans she grinds against him almost to his balls. They both know i'm watching, taking pictures and enjoying my slut getting fucked by her bull.


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Nice! She has NEVER sucked your cock??
Well, to be honest, once before we got married. But it was only for a little bit. She said she didn't like that at all. But she sure seems to have changed her mind with her bulls. When I asked her about that she said she felt they expected and needed that. I never seemed to be able to figure out how to get her to suck mine. I took two months to figure out how to ask for it, when would be the perfect time , etc. I ended up chickening out. Her first bull just grabbed her head and pushed his cock in her mouth and she sucked it so eagerly she was moaning as she did !