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absolutely love this vid!


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Heather and Shane were hot, but the "cuckold" was total waste. Added absolutely nothing to their pleasure.

While they were waiting for Shane to make his appearance, does cucky boy get down between Heather's legs and warm her cunt up with some nice tongue action? No, he hands her a glass dildo and watches her get herself wet and hot for Shane.

When Shane gets there and Heather starts sucking his BBC, does cuck boy get under her and lick her to keep her nice and juicy so Shane can slip into her? No, he just sits and watches the action while Heather has to finger her own pussy.

OK, so he kisses her a few times like he's saying "I love you Honey, enjoy Shane's BBC", but you can see he just wants to try to get as close to that dick as he can. I was surprised he didn't try to suck it himself.

Finally at the end he gets under Heather in a sixty nine position and it looks like he's going to treat her to a little clit massage with his tongue to accompany the great fucking she is getting, but no, again he just lays there looking at the huge black cock sliding in and out of her cunt.

The only semi useful thing he does is open his mouth to be used as a cum dump for the nice cream pie Shane and Heather cooked up, but then he even spits that out!

Sorry, but what had the makings for a really great cuckolding video ended up being an almost good IR fuck flick with a useless third wheel. :(

If allowed to be part of the fun, cuckolds should make themselves useful and increase his lady's pleasure by adding some stimulation for her so she can devote her attention to pleasing her lover.
That, or get out of their way and watch discretely from a distance. Better yet, go fix some refreshments for them to enjoy when they take a break.

Oh, and if you're not going to perform proper oral clean up, at least bring them some nice warm towels and dampened wash cloths to clean up with.


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The guy leaves his lady hot and bothered trying to hump his limp dick after he blows his load too soon and does he offer to give her oral to make up for his lack of control? No.
Does he at least try to "Jill" her off? No.
Sorry Honey, just go take your gooey cum filled unsatisfied throbbing cunt to your next class and dream about the fantastic fuck we just shared.
What a sorry ass shit.
He could have spent five minutes eating her to an orgasm and even if he failed at that, at least she would have had a nice clean pussy to take to her next class instead of having to sit there oozing all over the seat and down her legs and she would have at least had the satisfaction of knowing he cared enough to try to please her.

No wonder white girls are going black.