About to step out to Barnes & Nobles...

Discussion in 'Cuckold Forum' started by Danica Lane, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Danica Lane

    Danica Lane Active Member

    Do any bulls or other cucks have any steamy suggestions for anything I should wear under my clothes when I go to Barnes & Noble? I am planning on sitting with my laptop for a few hours and am open for any sexy suggestions?

    Special lingerie? Special toys in my laptop bag? Special dares?

    Just for fun.

    Ideas welcome!

  2. Danica Lane

    Danica Lane Active Member

    Wow. Dead.
  3. One Small Dick

    One Small Dick Well-Known Member Gold Member

    I vote for just a long coat, nothing underneath. Live for the thrill of it all so you can leave a puddle in the seat you were sitting in. Sure wish I was at B&N sittin across from ya.
  4. Danica Lane

    Danica Lane Active Member

    LOL...that would have been fun but it would have been VERY suspicious. :)
  5. MacNfries

    MacNfries Well-Known Member Sweet & Cordial Gold Member

    Well, obviously you're wanting to attract the admiration of surrounding males, while staying within the dress code for Barnes & Noble. Most people I've met in B&N are sophisticated, rather refined, and educated, so even the men aren't there solely for the purpose of admiring and picking up women. So, showing off your femininity should be done in a more conservative way, actually ... I think! Possibly wearing shortER skirts with no panties & a sexy, vaguely see-through blouse with either a sexy bra or even no bra (as long as your nipples are not TOO visible), nice earrings & necklace, and well groomed/styled hair. You want to look like you're there to broaden your reading knowledge, not pick up guys. But, you also want to look "inviting to approach". I prefer visuals ... here are a few to consider that I personally liked:

    cuck_SlutDressed27-1.jpg cuck_SlutWife01-6.jpg cuck_SlutWife02B.jpg cuck_SlutWife03-3.jpg
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  6. Danica Lane

    Danica Lane Active Member

    I was thinking about wearing this next time...

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  7. Danica Lane

    Danica Lane Active Member

    Some other options for underwear...

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  8. Stewie

    Stewie New Member

    Perfect little slut!