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I stood and straddled his erect cock while offering my nipples to him by pushing them in his face. As he suckled one tight bud and then the other and bit lightly, I started panting. Between his teeth teasing my nipples, his growing cock and my wet, throbbing pussy, I was seeing a kaleidoscope of colors flash behind my eyelids. I lifted off him, ran my middle finger in and out of my vagina and offered him the finger to lick. I watched him get more excited. I wanted to take this experience slowly and make it last all night. If I never saw him again, I would have a night to remember and I was going to do my best to make sure he didn't forget this night, either.

I lowered myself on his huge black cock and lifted up and down in a teasingly slow fashion, and decided it was now or never. Trailing my fingers across his chest I stood and reaching out, led him to my bedroom.

By the soft glow of a small lamp we rid ourselves of the vestiges of our clothing, tossing them about, not caring where they landed. In the recesses of my sleep chamber, the music was just a faint intrusion. God he was beautiful, and I felt beautiful, too.

I wanted to continue my sensual journey of his body, but he had thoughts of his own. When I tried to position myself between his legs, he gently rolled me onto my back and leaned down to kiss me softly on my lips. I increased the pressure of the kiss, our tongues sparing as we clung to each other. I started grinding my throbbing nub against him as he reached down and started stroking me harder and harder. I was rubbing against his hand matching him stroke for stroke. He had definitely done this before and I was thankful for his skilled hands. I reached down to his erection and matched his strokes with my hand. His cock was not as slick as I would have liked so I raised my hand to my mouth and moistened it and applied the moisture to him and that was almost his undoing. We petted and nuzzled and ground our bodies into each other with sheer abandon.

He gently pulled away and moved down my body kissing me as though I was made of the most fragile glass. As he reached my womanhood, he kept up the soft attention as our sweaty bodies wiggled and writhed to an unheard cadence. I closed my eyes and raised my arms over my head and lost myself in the sheer joy of the feelings he was igniting in me; I was a quivering heap of flesh.

After what seemed an eternity, I lowered my hands to his shoulders and told him that I needed him in me, now. He pulled me into a sitting position, turned me over, and gently pushed my head into the covers so that my ass was in the air and he could enter me from behind. Oh my God! I was moaning in rapture and his powerful thrusts were sending me over the precipice of sanity. Faster and harder he plunged into me. I was rapidly losing whatever control I had and I didn't care. I wanted to surrender to my orgasm but I also wanted us to experience that moment together.

When I could gather my wits, I breathlessly sputtered that I wanted to watch him cum. He asked if I was sure, and I responded that I had never been so sure of anything in my life. As he stood next to edge of the bed I positioned myself in a straddling position in front of him and with slick hands, stroked him as a goddess worshiping her god. I was so intent on what was happening that I was close to climaxing myself. The closer he got to his climax, the closer I got. My body was pulsating and I didn't think I could last much longer. After several minutes his body started shaking and I was almost sorry that this thrill was nearing an end. We were each other's addiction. He was murmuring encouragement and letting me know that he was about ready to let go of his load so I lowered my face so that I could proudly wear the effects of our powerful coupling. He tensed, arched his back and let loose with a primal cry as he lost his load all over my face, neck and breasts. I rubbed his luscious juices over my body, licking my fingers and savoring each drop. After tenderly squeezing his balls, I gently licked his cock and lapped the remaining semen off his gorgeous shaft.

I felt so satisfied. I was no longer just a married housewife in my mid-forties, with a neglectful husband and two teenagers. I was a sexual goddess who had just seduced a beautiful black stallion half my age. I dressed, kissed him sensually, promised we'd do it again soon, and left for home.