A Wife's Life Among Savages

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A Wife's Life Among Savages Ch. 01

The 'American dream' era was a happy time to be living in the land of opportunity: United States. Majority of the public spent less time complaining, and more time enjoying their lives. Drunk by the victory of cold war and the massive inflow of wealth, many didn't care about the outside world, for they were practically living in a dream land.

Among the few who were interested in the outside world, Kelly had a special interest on how some parts of the world were still clinging to primitive, almost stone-age, cultures. As a person who grew up in a society that was regarded as the pinnacle of culture and technology, she struggled to understand how some tribes in remote parts of the world lived their lives with little or no influence from modern civilization.

This keen interest led Kelly into studying anthropology and by the year of 1981 she was teaching anthropology in a university. By this time, only few pockets of the world remained unexplored. Considering any more expeditions to be a waste of money, nobody was interested or curious enough to fund anthropological expeditions into these remote areas.

This resulted in limiting Kelly's fascinations and dreams only to books and journals of previous great explorers. It was one of her life dreams to witness the things she had devoted her life to study about, with her own eyes, but being a woman the age of thirty, she was too young and vulnerable to go on such an expedition only by herself; she was well aware of the fact that women become more vulnerable, as a place become too remote for modern culture to reach. She had waited many years for the university to grant some funds for a large expedition that would facilitate a whole group, but was starting to realize that by the time they give the approval, she would be married and settled with children.

Kelly knew, once she marries her fiancé, Jonathan, he would never let her go on such a journey. She had been postponing their marriage just because of this reason, and had been trying to take part in an expedition before that. But finally, he had given her an ultimatum: either they get married the next year or he would find another girl who would.

Jonathan was the man Kelly had given her virginity when she was twenty, and had been faithful to him since then. She loved him too much to lose him for a chance to be on an expedition. Most of her friends didn't like him, saying he doesn't respect her or maybe even love her; in most parts, she knew they were kind of right: he was very dominant and expected her be obedient to him and had few more unsavory traits, but never the less, she loved him; for her, every other thing was a small sacrifice to be with him.

At the age of thirty-one, Kelly gave up her dream to be on an expedition and got married to Jonathan. At first, their marriage was a fairy-tail, the bliss of the honeymoon and comfort of being with her love, but soon, as months and years passed, his attitude started to become sour and worse. Even though Kelly was more educated than him, just because she was a woman, he treated her as if she has no intelligence; he expected her to ask his permission for everything in her life. Having a submissive personality, Kelly let him take the dominant role and continue to bear the mistreatment, trying to make the best of her marriage.

Jonathan Pierce held a high post in a gold mining company. He was a high-risk-taker and an aggressive gambler. This enabled him to make some achievements which his superiors had considered to be impossible, and obtained a high post in the company. For him, everything in life was a gamble. Once he sets his eyes on a target, he would gamble anything till he achieves the target. He was the type of guy who would leave the table either with his pockets full or completely empty.

At home, after a shower, with a sad expression, Kelly was inspecting her natural assets from the mirror. Even after three years of trying, she was yet to be blessed with a baby. Jonathan hated children and didn't want to be hindered by responsibilities of a father, but after few arguments and her pleading, he had agreed to perform his duty as a husband, but no conception was happening. She had herself checked with doctors, and they couldn't find anything abnormal with her that would render her infertile; in fact, she was very healthy and fertile. Jonathan was too proud to get himself checked and had insisted that it must be something wrong with her, not him. At age thirty-four, her body seemed primed for baby bearing. Her 5'2", hour-glass figure carried all the traits of a fertile female-body. Her 36D, full on bottom breasts begged to be filled with milk and her pink, puffy nipples lay on her magnificent breasts, begging to be suckled by her offspring. The contrast of her 24 inch waist and 37 inch hips showcased her ability to bear healthy children, and her full thighs and round derriere screamed out that the woman was a prime breeding sample. To add more, her eyes, beautiful face, shoulder long gold hair and smooth milky skin advertised her ancestral Nordic genes.

Letting out a sigh, Kelley got dressed and started preparing dinner. Jonathan came home when she was about done, and he seemed to be more friendly than usual; he had even brought her a pair of earrings as a gift.

"Wow! What did I do to deserve this?" Kelly asked while admiring the earrings.

For that, Jonathan said, "Should there be a reason to give a gift to my lovely wife?"

Kelly knew her husband was a very calculative and manipulative person; he did everything with a reason, for a profit. She knew he was expecting something back from her and wished he wasn't about to once again bring up discussion about bringing another woman into their bed; the last time, it had ended with her threatening a divorce. She loved him, but not enough to let another woman desecrate her marriage. She knew, behind her back, he was sleeping with other women, but as long as he kept the dirt from reaching home, she chose ignorance rather than the destruction of their marriage.

After the dinner, Jonathan started executing his plan.

"Honey, have you studied about the tribes in Papua New Guinea?" Jonathan asked nonchalantly.

"Yes, I've covered that region in my studies. Why?" Kelly replied, genuinely surprised about Jonathan being interested in her field; he had always called her work as a useless thing.

"I came across a chance of a life-time. If we take this bet, I...we could become filthy rich," Jonathan said while trying to hide his elation and waited to see how Kelly would react.

"Well, I think we already have enough money, and I know that a dig dream like that should come with a big risk too. But at the same time, I know I cannot talk you down from a gamble; you are free to do whatever you want. What I don't understand is about 'we' having to take this bet," Kelly replied in a cynical manner, starting to realize that she was about to find the true purpose behind the sudden gift.

"Come on; don't look at me like that. This is a win-win situation for both of us. I came up with a plan that could make both our life-dreams come true," Jonathan replied with a smile.

"What do you mean?" Kelly asked, genuinely interested.

"Well, let me explain from the beginning."

Jonathan refilled his wine glass and got comfortable on the sofa.

"Our company got some interesting information about a new, untouched gold source in New guinea. The information came from a Dutch missionary who had gone there. The company paid a hefty price to get this information and keep the missionary quiet; we don't want our competitors to get a wind of this." Jonathan said.

"Well, sounds like you guys already have everything under control. What does it have to do with me?" Kelly asked with a hint of displeasure; she didn't want anything to do with Jonathan's company; she knew, like him, the company was notorious to do anything to gain profits.

"The company has already sent few people there to investigate, and they have come to a dead end. The location of the gold source is known only by a small native tribe called 'Waraka' that lives deep in the jungle. Luckily, this tribe is not into cannibalism, but no matter how much they have tried to talk and bribe them, the natives are weary of strangers, and they keep their lips shut about the location. I think if someone who could learn, understand their customs and gain their trust, they might give us the location." Jonathan said and waited for Kelly.

"Let me guess. That 'someone' is me?" Kelly asked a bit sarcastically.

"Yes. The truth is... I want to start my own mining company. If I could find the location and keep it a secret from the company, after few years, I could start a new company and swim in gold. You have always wanted to go on an expedition; so I'm giving you a chance to fulfill your dream while helping your husband to become one of the richest men in the world. The best part is, the company agreed to finance the whole thing," Jonathan said.

Kelly had a hard time believing what she had heard. It was almost too good to be true. She wondered, years after abandoning one of her dreams, was it really about to become true?

"That's great," Kelly tried to hide her enthusiasm, "But New Guinea jungle and tribes are known to be hostile for even seasoned explorers, and to make matters worse, there's a civil war happening there. So an expedition like this will need lot of paper work and permissions. It could take months or years before we get an approval from the governments," she said with a little worry.

"Ok, honey... the thing is...we are in a hurry. It's only a matter of time before someone else gets the wind of it. And the other main thing is, we don't want anyone to notice this and send spies behind us to steal the information. So we are leaving United States as tourists and only the two of us will be going there to meet our guides there. By the time we get there, they would have bribed the officials there to get the paper work done for an expedition." Jonathan said while expecting Kelly to object at any moment.

"Are you fucking kidding me? It is unethical enough that you are asking to use my profession as a mean to get a tribe's secrets so you could mine and destroy their habitat; you want me to go there illegally, become a criminal and destroy my career? It is true that I want to go on an expedition, but not like this. Even if you don't respect me, I have some self-respect. I will not take part in any of this bullshit," Kelly said in anger and stood up to go to the bed.

"Where the hell are you going? I'm your husband, and you have to listen to me," Jonathan shot back, agitated by Kelly's blatant defiance.

Kelly stormed off, pretending as if she didn't hear him.

"I'm the man of this house!" Jonathan shouted at Kelly as she walked fast toward the guest room, instead of going to the master-bedroom.


After two days of Kelly refusing to talk to Jonathan face to face, he decided that it was time to play the next card.

"Kelly," Jonathan said trying to gain Kelly's attention, but she quickly tried to walk away from a conversation.

"Listen to me woman!" Jonathan said firmly, and Kelly stopped.

"Look, I know it's wrong of me to ask you to do that, but I'm doing this for our future... I have a confession: Just before our marriage, I had a vasectomy done." Jonathan said and before he could continue, Kelly cut in.

"WHAT? H...How could you Jonathan? How could you?" Kelly literally screamed.

"Just listen to me before you go all crazy on me," Jonathan said before she could scream again.

"I didn't want any children and it's my own body. I can do whatever the fuck I want with it. But...it is a reversible operation. I know your dream to become a mother is even greater than going on an expedition, but the operation carries a risk of failure, and I could even end up losing the ability to get a proper erection," Jonathan replied.

"Oh," Kelly's loss of hope was evident through her face.

"You did make one of the most selfish decisions, but what was done is done. It's ok, Jonathan, I can't ask you to take such a risk," Kelly said, knowing, having a baby is not the first priority in Jonathan's life.

"Why don't we make a deal then? If you go with me and help to find the gold source, when we comeback, I'll gladly take the operation," Jonathan said with a sincere look.

Kelly was too surprised, confused and conflicted to answer, and kept looking at Jonathan, with a disbelieving face.

"You get the best deal here, honey. This way, you get to fulfill two dreams of your life. Two birds with one stone," Jonathan added, knowing that he had played his cards right and from the look of Kelly's face, he was about to win.

"Give me a day to think about it," Kelly said while going to the bedroom.

"Sure thing, pumpkin. Take all the time you want," Jonathan said while trying to hide his joy; he had won.


After thinking for few hours, Kelly made her decision; her desire to become a mother was greater than any of her other dreams. She knew she would be tainting her professional-life for good, but if she could give birth to Jonathan's baby, it was well worth it.

Kelly looked at Jonathan, who was sleeping beside her and shook him awake.

"Huh? What?" Jonathan asked while waking up.

"I agree," Kelly said emotionlessly.

"What?" Jonathan was still trying to break out of his deep sleep.

"I'll go on your damn expedition, but you better keep your promise about the operation," Kelly said firmly.

"Wow! Of course, you have my word." Jonathan wasn't sleepy anymore.

"For this, I guess you need another reward tonight," Jonathan said while sliding a hand between Kelly's thighs.

At first, Kelly was a bit reluctant of Jonathan's amorous advance; she was still upset with him for holding their future baby as a hostage to force her to do something she despised, but when he fished out one her breasts from the night-dress and started sucking on her nipple, a switch got flipped-on in her, and she welcomingly opened her legs and pulled up her night-gown, giving Jonathan more room to tease her loins. When he climbed between her spread legs and shoved his partially limp penis, she gasped, feeling pleasured and relieved that, finally, after more than three weeks, she was about to receive some loving that night.

Due to Jonathan's numerous flings with women at the company office who were either helpless or eager for shortcuts in cooperate ladder, most of the time, he was sexually satisfied and spent by the time he reached home. Because of this, since Kelly was a conservative woman, she spent most of her time, sexually frustrated, due to the lack of attention from her husband. So she always eagerly welcomed any sexual advances from Jonathan, despite her mood.

As soon as Jonathan squeezed in the semi-hard erection, he started his frenzied thrusting while groaning out some profanities.

"Take it, take it, slut...you love getting your pussy fucked by my big dick, don't you? Beg for me, beg for it."

Kelly didn't really fancy all the dirty talking. She failed to find any pleasure from them, but she knew Jonathan likes it. So she complied.

"Yes, give it to me, baby. Give it to me."

It was in moments like these, Kelly reassure herself that she still deeply loved her husband.

Before Kelly could savor being sexed by the man she loves, Jonathan groaned, thrust deep and released few spurts of his semen.

"Wheew, your pussy is great, darling. I could last only a couple of minutes in it," Jonathan said while rolling off of her while breathing hard.

Even though Kelly was not even close to being satisfied, she was glad that he lasted more than a minute; to her, comparably, it was a decent session. Since she has never had sex with anyone other than Jonathan, and being too conservative and shy to ask from other people about it, to her, this was normal sex; she thought every other man and woman had sex in the manner she and Jonathan have sex.

Within a minute, Jonathan was snoring. While lying on the bed and looking at the ceiling, Kelly wondered what was the lacking feeling she always has after having sex?


Two weeks later, Jonathan and Kelly were received at a New Guinean airport by a native man who seemed to be in his 50's.

"Mister and Missis Pierce, it's a pleasure to meet you," said the man, with a rough accent.

Jonathan leaned into Kelly and whispered that he's the company hired guide.

"Where's Smith? I expected him to receive us," Jonathan asked.

"Mr. Smith is down with Malaria, and he's in the hospital at the moment. He won't be discharged for at least three more weeks," The guide replied, humbly.

"Fuck, that's just great," Jonathan swore.

"Jonathan! Mind your language, we are in public," Kelly said while uncomfortably looking around to see whether anyone else had heard him.

"Don't worry, Sir. Mr. Smith had everything setup for you before he got admitted in the hospital. I'll escort you to the tribe. I have all the documents we need to get a plane and enter the restricted area," The guide quickly replied before Jonathan gets even more upset.

"Well, I'm glad he at least did that. Your name is Kembaren, isn't it," Jonathan asked, and finally calmed, "Is it ok if I call you Kem? I don't want to twist my tongue every time I have to call you."

"Jonathan!" Kelly said firmly to remind him that he was being impolite to the man, soon, they would have to rely on for their safety.

Kembaren laughed and said, "As you please, Sir. Mr. Smith also calls me Kem."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Kem," Kelly said.

"You are too kind, madam. Just 'Kem' is enough. It would be out of my place to receive such honors from you," Kem replied humbly.

Kelly was surprised by how humble the man was. She was glad he was a gentleman since she would have to heavily rely on him to learn about basic customs and words of the tribe they were about to visit.

"I'm sure you are exhausted from the long journey. Please follow me; I have prepared a car to take you to the hotel. The porters will take care of your luggage," Kem said while leading them.

After two days of being in planes and airports, both Kelly and Jonathan were in need of a nice shower and a comfortable bed to sleep on. Without saying much, they followed Kem's advice.

Next morning, Kem met them at the hotel and gave them a brief explanation about the current situation. The civil war was getting intense, and the military was planning to close the jungle boarders in hope of cut-off supplies to rebels. By bribing some officials, Smith had managed to get some information that they still have about a two-month window before that happens.

Jonathan left with Kem to meet Smith in the hospital, and Kelly rechecked all her materials and equipments to make sure that she hadn't missed anything. She was trying to get more information a hotel-staff when Jonathan and Kem came back.

"How's Mr.Smith?" Kelly asked Jonathan, after going back to their room.

"The bugger is alive, but won't be leaving the bed for at least one more month," Jonathan replied, and said, "You made a mess in the room," while looking at all the unpacked camera equipments, clothes and books.

"I just rechecked everything. I think we'll need more AA batteries for the camera and pen-torch," Kelly said.

"I'll bring some right away, madam," Kem said while preparing to leave the room.

"No, no, Kem. Not now. Right now, I need you to tell me everything you know about this tribe. I want to start writing down everything," Kelly said.

"As you say, madam," Kem replied.
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