A White Wife's Confession to her Hubby

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    What Happened...
    Forgive me, darling, for being blunt, but those guys screwed me six ways to Sunday after you left. Really. They fucked me in the ass for nearly an hour I just about passed out from it. Each of them took turns cumming inside my ass, it felt like they emptied three huge gallons of cum inside of me; T.J. told me I was going to have a full set of triplets by the time they got done with me … and I was afraid that was really going to happen. When they were done with me an hour later, my body hardly felt like it belonged to me anymore. I went to take a shower again and they allowed me to sleep for a couple of hours. When they woke me up it was dark outside—sometime past eight. Gerald gave me a net dress—you know, those type of dresses those girls wear in those hidden porn movies of yours—yeah, I’ll bet you never figured I’d find out about them, did you? How come you’ve been keeping them around and never once thought of showing them to me?—Anyway, where was I? Oh yes … I put on the net dress—it’s got little patches to cover my tits and crotch—and then wore on a pair of high heeled boots. I put on some heavy makeup … and voila! I looked like your average modern day slut! I’ll bet if you’d seen me then, you probably wouldn’t have recognised me. Hell, I doubt if my own mother would have.
    He gave me this trench coat jacket to hide myself in and then we left the apartment, all three of us. Luke drove while Gerald and I sat in the back and they couldn’t stop feeling me up. I didn’t know where we were going … but somehow, I just didn’t care to know. I knew it was going to be something exciting, but never would I have guessed what it would be. They would have screwed me in the car, except I didn’t want my makeup ruined.
    It was some mansion … I couldn’t tell which part of the city it was, might even have been in the next state for all I cared. There were a lot of parked cars in the driveway. Gerald led us into the house as if he owned it, and there was a party going on inside. The house belonged to some rising NBA star, and it was his Bachelor Party they were having. Music kept playing and there was enough booze and alcohol floating around ... rich and well-to-do people too ... There was me and three other white girls … one of them was one of Gerald’s slut girlfriends, her name’s Mabel. She too was dressed in some slutty attire like mine, and so where the others. We weren’t the only white girls there—there were others around, but it seemed we’d been chosen specifically for the star’s entertainment. We stood in the middle of the room while the celebrant sat on a chair facing us. Music started playing, and we both began to dance around him and with each other. (Ohhhh … I love the way you’re fucking me with that finger of yours … don’t stop …) so … we danced, I and the other three girls, around this tall, handsome NBA star. He sat there wearing a t-shirt and baggy jeans, and I noticed a bulge in his crotch while me and the girls romped and shook our hips against his face and lap. The crowd in the room cheered us on ... dared us to do something nasty to him. (A burst of giggles.) We did do something alright. I got up on the chair he was on and wiggled my bum over his face while one of the other girls—a redhead named Sherry, I think—she sat on his crotch and gave him a terrific lap dance. We all took turns giving him a lap dance … after which he led the four of us upstairs to a large bedroom.
    He lay on the bed and we undressed him. It was funny the way we were with him … acting like we school girls about to have ourselves a treat. We weren’t disappointed—the guy’s cock stood out like a tent pole—black and thick, with cables running around it. We each took turns sucking him and sitting over his face. So thick was his cock, I barely got half of it into my mouth. We all got a share of it too. While he fucked us one at a time, a group of guys came into the room … all of them naked and stroking their dicks. When he was done with us, they took over. (Uhnnnnnhhhhh … yeah … twirl that finger of yours into my pussy … Awwnnnnn ... Honey, could you please use your tongue ... I want to feel your tongue in there ... Uhhhh yeah ...) So ... anyway ... these bunch of guys—they kept coming and going from the room so I never really knew how many they were—they took the four of us, two for each of us ... sometimes three. They all huge guys I tell you, and their cocks was just so ... massive! Fucking unbelievably massive! I could barely get my hands around them. They screwed us every which way. I mean ... I’ve never had so many dicks fucking me. I had one cock in my puss, another in my asshole, and then another in my mouth, while one of my hand was stroking another black cock ... I wish you’d been there to have seen me. By the time we were done, my net dress was nothing but rags, and I had so much cum splattered over my face and hair. The other girls too had a similar taste. I took a break for like an hour or more and decided to explore the rest of the mansion. There were rooms everywhere and in all of them there was some fucking going on. There was this fat middle-aged white man who was standing outside a bedroom door peeking inside while at the same time beating his cock. He told me his wife was getting screwed inside the room. I looked inside and true enough, she was getting gangbanged by two muscle-looking blacks. I was nearly tempted to go in there and join them, but then the man noticed I was still leaking loads of cum from my pussy and begged me to allow him lick me clean. I figured what the hell, and allowed him to go down on me just as you are right now, while I went on watching the action happening to his wife. I must have cum more than a hundred times last night, and the man’s tongue made me cum again. (Uhhhhhh ... yeahhhhh ... I love it when you’ve got your tongue all the way in me like that ... Uhhhnnnn ...)
    Ohhh, honey, I wished you’d been there. I really wished you’d been there.