A white husband gets cucked by a black man


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A white husband gets cucked by a black man

Written by Smal4u on September 22, 2014

My name is Barry and my wife’s name is Joyce and this is the story of how I became a cuckold husband.

I’ll be the first to admit I grew up with a somewhat racist view of blacks since I was born and raised in a small southern area that didn’t have any blacks in our town or in our schools.

I remember the first time I met a black person. I was almost seventeen and was working part time in an auto parts store when a black man came in with a broken fan belt. Even without looking, I told him that we didn’t carry one and after he left, the owner told me that I should have given him the part but charged him $100 for the part that usually cost less than $10. I’m not proud of that, I just tell you so you know that was the way I was raised.

Several years later when I was at college I told my girlfriend Joyce about it and she got really mad at me, and told me that I had to let all of that old bigotry go and start to respect and treat black people with dignity, especially if I wanted to be with her. Joyce had grown up in integrated schools and had several black friends in school and in college and she hated the fact that I didn’t like black people and told me so. I promised that I would try from then on to do better and be more understanding of blacks. Joyce and I got married after college and I was lucky and found what I thought was a good job in a large city in the Northeast. What we quickly found out was that living in a big city is expensive. To help with the expenses, Joyce decided to take a job at a local restaurant and waited tables which was what she did while she was in college and she always said that she didn’t really mind that type of work. I also ended up taking a second job moonlighting as a parking attendant in order to keep up with the bills and put food on the table.

Joyce met several other girls her age with similar backgrounds at the restaurant and after a while they invited her to go bar hopping and dancing on most weekends. I also discovered the strip bars in the big city and I spent many hours watching the ladies taking their clothes off. I never his what I did and Joyce said that she didn’t mind because she and her friends were having fun too and so things seemed to be okay for both of us.

The other new thing for me was that there were a lot of black people everywhere, and I was surprised that they were not just porters or doormen like I expected, and I found that there were a lot of black people in all parts of the economy, including some very rich ones as well as working stiffs like me and I found that most were actually pretty nice, although the one thing that I could not get used to and didn’t like, was the fact that I saw a lot of black men with white women, and I had never seen that when I was growing up because it wouldn’t have been tolerated back home. I mentioned that fact to Joyce and she told me that I really needed to get over it and not worry about skin color because it didn’t matter to people anymore and that blacks and whites together were perfectly acceptable now but for me, I had a really hard time adjusting and accepting that.

I did get to know one of the older black guys who worked at the parking garage with me, a big guy named Jerome.

Jerome was always laughing at me and making fun of my small town ways and Southern accent but what really annoyed me about him was the way that white women seemed to flock to him. I guess he was somewhat good looking and very well built, and he was always smiling and flirting with the ladies and the truth was that I was sickened inside every time I saw the way so many white women seemed to throw themselves at him, even the married white ones.

Jerome and I went to strip clubs together and sometimes I swear he never had to pay for lap dances because the strippers all seemed to know him and sometimes when I was with him, even I got a few free lap dances too. All the time we spent hanging around the parking lot, Jerome would tell me about all the white women he was fucking. He told me he could have just about any of them and that they were all begging for and fell in love with his big black cock. He even showed it to me one night when we both went to the toilet and I was stunned because it wasn’t even hard but it was easily ten or eleven inches and really thick around and I couldn’t imagine how a woman could even hold it let alone take that big thing inside of her. His big black cock made my little four inches, or maybe a little more when it was hard, but still very skinny, look like a young boy’s little penis.

There was no denying that women found Jerome attractive. He loved to go out clubbing and dancing and a lot of women would come around to visit him at work at night and I’d often cover for him while he would get in their cars and pull over to a secluded spot to either have sex or get a blow job from them.

One night at work, Jerome got talking to one of the married white women that he was fucking. He told me that she was a hot young housewife and when I got back from parking her Ferrari I found her still hanging around talking to Jerome.

One night at work, a really good looking white woman drove a Fearri into the lot and got out and walked over to Jerome and handing him a piece of paper with her number on it and asked him to give her a call. I noticed she was wearing a huge diamond engagement or wedding ring and when she walked away, I asked Jerome “What are you doing? That girl’s either engaged or married.”

Jerome was already grinning broadly but now he broke out into a laugh. I could never tell what he was laughing about.

“You’re right about that man. She’s married and she’s very rich,” he said. “What you don’t know is that I find that almost all married white women are desperate to try black cock and once they try it, they almost always fall in love with big black cock and can’t get enough of it and I make sure that they get all that they can handle!”

I was shocked to hear that and later on I told Joyce about it but she told me that I shouldn’t judge him or the women that he was talking about and that I should be way more open minded about what goes on in the real world in the big cities and she reminded me that I was not home in my small racially bigoted town anymore and that I should get used to the fact that there are things that go on that I might not agree with but that are very normal in a big town like where we live now.

One night when I was working at the parking lot, Joyce had gotten off work early and she and her girlfriends decided to stop by to visit before they were heading out to hit the bars and dance clubs. As usual I was parking the cars while Jerome sat out the front and when I came back to the booth I saw Jerome laughing and chatting with my wife and her two girlfriends.

I was surprised to see Joyce standing quite close to him and even touching his arm while he made some jokes and I got that sick feeling in my stomach, but it quickly disappeared when Joyce saw me and smiled and came over and hugged me in front of Jerome and her friends and I was so proud that she showed everyone just how much she loved me.

“Where are you going, tonight?” I asked and Joyce mentioned the name of a nearby lounge they were going to for a few drinks.
Joyce’s girlfriends were all married too and I knew their husbands but I was surprised when I saw that they seemed to be obviously flirting with Jerome. I almost started to say something but Joyce shot me a look that told me that I had better keep quiet and I held my tongue.

For his part, Jerome looked at his watch then he looked at me thoughtfully before saying, “You know, it’s almost closing time anyway,” he said. “Do you think that you can handle things for a few hours on your own for the rest of the evening?” Jerome was always disappearing early to go on dates so I just nodded but I was surprised when he joined Joyce and her girlfriends as they turned to go off to the nearby lounge.

I finished up a couple of hours later and went home to an empty apartment and went to bed since I knew that I had to get up early to go to work the next day. I thought that I heard Joyce coming in some time in the early hours of the morning and I thought I heard voices but so I just rolled over and went back to sleep. Joyce was fast asleep in bed next to me when I got up the next day and I knew that she didn’t need to get up till noon so I just let her sleep.

That night at work, Jerome began telling me that he’d actually gone home with one of the girls from the lounge the night before and said that he’d actually made out with two of them at the bar, and that they’d actually fought over who he was going to go home with afterwards. He said that the one who he went home with couldn’t wait to get to his big black cock and that she had actually gone down on him in the cab on the way home and then he told me that he’d fucked her three times, right on the couch while her husband slept in the next room!

When I thought about the fact that Joyce’s friends were both married and the fact that I knew their husbands, it kind of made me sick at first, but I was stuck sitting next to Jerome for hours that night so there was no getting away from it. Jerome told me how the married white woman that he had taken home really loved his big black cock and couldn’t get enough of it and that she had her first of many orgasms as soon as he fed all of his big black cock into her married white pussy that first time and that she was so loud that he had to cover her mouth to stop her from waking up her old man. He told me that the “white bitch was so hot that she was having constant orgasms the entire while that he fucked her, not only the first time, but the other two times as well.

I said “Wow, you actually fucked her three times! Did you even have three condoms with you when you went home with her?” This made him laugh even more.

“Man, I never use a condom, at least not on a married white bitch!” he said. “There’s nothing like fucking a married white woman bareback and filling her married pussy with my potent black man cum! Hell the truth is that even if I could find a condom that was big enough to fit this big black cock of mine, I’m sure that it’d bust open when I came because I’m a really big and hard cummer and besides, if a married white bitch wants big black cock, no black man is going to wear a condom since the ultimate thrill for a black man is to knock up a married white bitch!”

When he said that, it really got me so mad I had to walk away to calm down. I came back a little later and was surprised to find Jerome talking to Joyce and her girlfriend Peggy. Joyce was standing close to Jerome again and both Peggy and Joyce looked like they were dressed like they were going out. Joyce looked a little surprised to see me but she smiled and came over and gave me a kiss again when I walked up.

“I got off early again, honey,” she said. “We’re just gonna go down the road to the lounge that we went to last night for a drink again, is that okay?”

“You’ll come too again, won’t you please, Jerome? We had so much fun with you last night!” said Peggy.

I couldn’t look at Peggy figuring that she was the one that Jerome had fucked just the night before and I told Joyce that it was okay for her to go, since I had to stay at work anyway.

Jerome looked at me and just grinned and “I know that you can handle the next couple of hours again while I go keep the ladies company” and with that, he stood up and put his arm around both Joyce and Peggy and said ” Well, let’s go, ladies,” and they both giggled and headed off.

The truth is that I don’t remember hearing Joyce coming in that night, but again she was fast asleep in bed next to me when I got up to go to work the next morning and I just left her sleep again.

That night was a Friday night, my one night off, and when I got home from my regular job, I flopped down on the couch and I was out like a light after what had been a long week at working two jobs.

Joyce woke me up several hours later. She had finished her shift at the restaurant and she was dressed to go out. She was wearing those tight jeans that showed off her every curve and she had a top on that was pulled tight across her big titties and they looked great too.

“I’m supposed to meet up with the girls tonight but I could skip it if you would rather take me out dancing tonight.” she told me.

“I’m really tired,” I said.

“Well okay but your friend from the parking lot is supposed to be there again,” continued Joyce.

“He’s not my type of friend,” I grumbled .

Joyce shot me “the look” and I knew that she was pissed. I tried to get out of it by saying “It’s not what you think. It’s not just that he’s black, but the fact is that he’s always ducking out of work early and when he’s there, he’s always hitting on female customers.”

Joyce seemed interested at what I said and asked “What do you mean, he’s hitting on customers?”

“Yes, he goes after just about every female in the place, especially white ones, and worse than that, he told me all about how he took a married white woman home from that lounge you all went to the other night, and I’m pretty sure it was your friend from work, Peggy. He even told me that he fucked her several times right there in her own house while her husband was asleep right in the next room.”

Joyce seemed to be surprised and turn a little pale when she heard that, but then she seemed to quickly recover.

“I think that you have that all wrong and I pretty much know that it wasn’t Peggy that he took home, but at least now I understand why you’re upset. You do look tired honey so it’s okay if you don’t want to go. Why don’t you just get ready and go to bed sweetheart?” Joyce said.

“Well, are you sure that you don’t mind” I asked.

“No, it’s fine. I know how hard you work to see that we have a good life and besides, I know that you really don’t like to dance that much and as long as you’re okay with me going out with the girls from the office, I think that you should turn in early and get your rest” she told me. Right before she was going out the door, she turned back to me and asked, “You don’t mind that we’re hanging out with Jerome, do you? We’ve found that when he’s around, we don’t have a lot of other guys hitting on us all night long and he is funny and good company….And like I told you, I’m sure that it’s not Peggy that he was talking about to you!” I realized that she was watching me carefully for my reaction, so I just sighed and said, “No, it’s okay. I don’t like his kind, but if you girls feel that you want to have him around to keep the other guys away, that’s okay and it’s probably better than being by yourselves and getting hit on like you said. I guess I gotta be open minded and keep up with the times.”

Joyce smiled a wide smile and seemed happy with my answer and just then we heard a car pull up and the horn blow and Joyce hurried out the door and quickly got in the car and I heard it quickly pull away from the house.

I went into the bathroom and then came back out and lay down on the couch and fell asleep in front of the TV. I had terrible dreams all night long and even thought Joyce didn’t think that it was Peggy that Jerome was fucking, I kept dreaming of Peggy sucking Jerome’s big black monster cock in a cab and then him fucking her three times on their couch, and bareback too. I could swear that I could hear the moans of their lovemaking as I lay dreaming on the couch and it seemed so real that I woke up a number of times thinking they were right there near me, but I quickly fell back asleep each time.

I finally woke up early the next morning still on the couch. I crept into the bedroom not wanting to disturb Joyce but I needn’t have worried because she was fast asleep. I was still horny from my dreams and when I lifted up the covers to the bed, I noticed that my wife was naked which seemed a little unusual since she usually always slept in a nightgown. I slid in next to her and ran my hands up her body and she let out a low moan sleepily but she didn’t wake up so I started stroking her breasts.

“Hmmmm, that feels nice,” she murmured still in her sleep.

Next I slipped my hands down between her legs and she let out a moan again. My dick was rock hard and I started stroking it with one hand while searching for my wife’s clit with the other. I was surprised to find that Joyce was already very wet down there and so I spread her legs while I quickly slipped on a rubber and got on top of my wife and put my dick against the lips of her pussy. I was surprised when my dick slid so easily into her and she moaned again as I nuzzled her neck and started pumping in and out of her pussy. I couldn’t help but think that her pussy seemed different somehow, maybe not as tight and it was certainly a lot wetter than I could ever remember, especially while she was still not fully awake. .

She kept moaning and began thrusting her hips back at me and just as my dick began cumming, I heard her cry out. “Oh Jerome! I need your big cock in me! Please…I can’t feel you……!”

I froze. My dick was still inside of my wife’s pussy and my dick was spurting inside the rubber but my wife had just cried out a black man’s name and said that she couldn’t feel me inside of her.

All of a sudden, Joyce opened her eyes and cried out “Oh my God Barry!” when she saw that it was me between her legs. “What are you doing?”

“What am I doing?” I practically screamed. I was furious. “This is my bed and you’re my wife and what the hell were you calling me Jerome and telling me that you couldn’t feel my dick inside of you and that you needed his big black cock in you?!”

I pulled my dick out of Joyce and sat on the side of the bed, totally confused and upset. My whole world had just collapsed. Joyce was crying hard now and so was I. She kept telling me that she loved me and that she was so sorry and that she never really meant for it to happen. Finally, after many tears by both of us, the whole story came out. Jerome had not been fucking Peggy at all, he’d been fucking Joyce all the while. It was Joyce who had come home with Jerome in the cab that first night. It was Joyce that had gone down on him in the cab and sucked her first big black cock and it had been Joyce that Jerome had fucked bareback three times right there on our couch with me sleeping in the next room, and it was Joyce that had fallen in love with his big black cock! She told me that last night when they came back to our home, I was sleeping on the couch and they walked right by me and went into the bedroom where Jerome had again fucked Joyce three more times bareback, right there in our bed before sneaking out and leaving in the early morning hours. And then I realized that it was really Joyce that I heard screaming out in pleasure again and again when I thought that I was dreaming.

I cast my mind back to how I’d felt back when I thought Jerome had fucked Peggy with her husband sleeping in the next room and waves of jealousy and anger flooded over me. I became even madder when Joyce admitted that Jerome refused to use condoms and how she couldn’t control herself because she knew that she had to find out what it was like to be fucked by a big black cock and then after the first time, she loved it and wanted more and so she had let him fuck her bareback every time since, and letting him shoot his black man cum deep inside her married white pussy. What shocked me the most was when she told me that she didn’t love Jerome at all and that she really loved me, but she also told me that she wasn’t willing to stop fucking him even if that if that meant that I wanted a divorce.

I told her that I didn’t know how she could tell me that and assured her that I still loved her and would forgive her for what happened and wanted to try to work things out, but she kept right on insisting that she wanted, no that she needed big black cock to satisfy her now that she had found out how good sex was with a black man. Finally I was forced to accept the situation hoping that she would quickly tire of him and come to her senses but that didn’t happen and she kept right on fucking Jerome after that and it got worse. They were now fucking almost every night and they mostly did it right there in our bed while I sometimes watched or sometimes sat outside the bedroom on the couch, but I couldn’t help myself or stop from always jerking my little dick off as I listened to them making love and having sex. And it got worse, when Jerome insisted that I come into the bedroom and lick his cum out of my wife’s pussy each time that he fucked her, which was of course, two or three times every night! I have to admit that after a while, I didn’t even mind the taste, or when Jerome made me lick their juices off of his cock!

And now, every night when I worked with Jerome at the parking lot, I had to hear all about how much Joyce loved his big black cock and how she couldn’t get enough of his cock and cum in that married white cunt of hers. Some nights when she would get off work early, she would come to the parking lot and her and Jerome would go off and get in one of the cars and fuck and I could hear her screaming out with pleasure from his big black cock and when he was done, Jerome would beep the horn and I would have to hurry back to clean them both up. ?It wasn’t long before the inevitable happened and Joyce got pregnant. It really wasn’t all that big a surprise since after all, Jerome had been fucking Joyce bareback multiple times nearly every night and filling her pussy with his potent cum and he would when I would be at work with him, he would tease me about the fact that I was going to be raising his black baby before too long. Sure enough, when the baby came, naturally, it was as black as midnight just like Jerome. Joyce insists that she still loves me and wants to stay together and I agreed and now I’m raising Jerome’s son as if it were my own, even though it does bring a lot of stares everywhere I go. Since our families live so far away, we were able to avoid having them see Joyce actually pregnant and we told her parents that we adopted a black baby from Africa and being the liberal people they are, they said that they thought it was great. My family on the other hand says that they prefer to never see us again.

I don’t know why I thought it would stop after the baby was born, but it didn’t and Jerome began fucking Joyce again only three weeks after the baby was born. Her physician told her that she would be extremely fertile and likely to get pregnant, but she couldn’t wait to get that big black cock back in her again and Jerome began coming over to our house nearly every night again to fuck my wife multiple times a night and he never uses a rubber, even though Joyce still insists that I use one on those special occasions when she does permit me to fuck her.

I know that it won’t be long before she’s pregnant with another black baby of Jerome’s if she’s not already knocked up, and it’s been real hard on me but deep down in my heart I know that I still love Joyce and that she still loves me and that I don’t want to lose her. My only hope was that eventually Jerome would tire of her and find another white wife to fuck but that hasn’t happened yet, and sometimes, I’m not even sure that if that occurred, that Joyce wouldn’t just find another black guy to fuck since she truly loves fucking big black cock.

We’re living in a trailer park right now, and I still work two jobs to make ends meet including working with Jerome. Recently, they hired another black guy at the parking lot and I overheard Jerome telling him that he wants to introduce him to Joyce soon so I really don’t know what will be in store for me down the road. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Joyce used a home pregnancy test this morning and it showed positive.

I guess that things are not going to change for me anytime soon and that I will have to get used to just being a cuckold white husband for the rest of my life.