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On 8 October 2012 16:07:
Master Phil - Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my mail. I am very grateful for your advice as this isn't a subject easily raised elsewhere. In answer to your question as to our location we are in the UK (England) unfortunately.​

I fully accept your advice that to try and make her two man fantasy real would be too much to start with - If I can get us just talking about it during sex that will be a huge step forward and I would think that we would need to do that for many months before it can go any further. I have had a look at your erotic fiction which looks great but I wonder if that will be too strong staight away - she doesn't like porn (would changing that and getting her to actually watch a large black man thrusting deeply into a white woman be one of the stages we need to go through before actually trying to make any fantasy real?) . By talking about it during sex will that get her interested enough to want to actually 'see it' do you think, then pick a relatively tasteful interracial dvd and watch her response during it. I forsee months of slow, steady work to try and get to this stage.

Another point - Would a black lover have a preference regarding the location of his meetings with a wife?

One final point which I wonder if you agree with is that whilst the main argument to Abby will be that all of this is about her and her sexual needs is it not the reality that it in order for her to achieve this fulfillment she will need to fully submit to a black lover/Black Master and to serve him in any way he wants and that as a result of Abby giving him full control she will be given the sexual pleasure I want her to have. Would you ever envisage a situation where whilst the family unit remains the same (me as breadwinner, Abby as home maker) control of the sexual aspect of the relationship is willing passed to a black man? Should I ask what she feels about such a level of submission or would you choose to let that evolve naturally.
Thanks once again for your time in reading my very lengthy mail but there is so much detail that I think needs to be got straight in my head before I try and move down this road and any answers or comments to my many questions are really appreciated.

hi there white boi,

Do not be so unfortunate as to the distance that right now exists between us. I know you'd like nothing better than to have me there in England where you're at. I will instruct that if you wish that to happen that you declare now to send me an invitation to come visit you for me to process my visa papers. A lot of our conversation will be more profitable for you when we're talking in person than writing it through email as I am right now. Then you'd heard my words with further clarity, enough to spur you into action.

A to you getting her my erotic books: Know this, women respond more to erotica writing than watching porn. Why else do you think that ‘Fifty Shades’ books have been a hot cake since? And also, my books are laced with as much juicy info to entice her mind into wanting this. The same goes for you too. Remember that though this is for the wife, you too need to participate, ‘cos she needs to be reassured that you aren't going to bail out on her. And you need to act as her wall to prod her along. The more you get her enticed into these erotic books, you use a black dildo on her, and you sweet-talk her when in bed, it helps to drive the message into her brain. Women would admit to anything when they're lost in the throes of their passion, and that's what you must do. If and when the time comes, you introduce her to my blog, and even explain to her about me and get her to write to me, should it seem necessary.

With regards to location: I can only speak for myself on this because I operate solo. I don't like working with groups of black men and won't suggest to any couple to do so, ‘cos you never know whom you meet. You must first get to know your wife's lover and trust him as much as he too should trust you. This is a three-way thing, and if one is lacking in trust, then it's not going to work. Right now, I'm with a white couple in South Carolina and I've fucked the wife is just about every corner in the house, including the kitchen and master bedroom. If I'm appointed as your wife's lover and Black Master, then know that I will fuck her whenever I want to. Even if I want to have fun with her outdoors or go to a motel for a night, I will do so. You decision to be there could be for the wife to decide. If she feels comfortable with you watching, no problem. Or you made decide to leave us alone and I'll take pics and text them to you later.

A Black Master is as well a black lover, however there's a difference between a Black Master and a black bull. Any black man can become a black bull as long as he's fucking a married slut or woman. However not all black bulls are Black Masters. A Black Master is specific as to whom he wants to be with. For me, I don't go around fucking everyone I meet, and as long as they're willing to take me long term and make me comfortable with them and want me to continue training the wife and hubby into this lifestyle, then I can stay. Such is the reason of being a Black Master, because for me it's not just about fucking the wife, but as well coaching her towards removing whatever fear or lingering doubt might be in her mind as to her wanting to do this. Every wife needs reassurance and comfort when stepping out of her housewife setting and becoming a married slut, and my job is to further inspire her, goad her, and remake her into the sexual being that she ought to be. I'm not into group sex or swingers stuff and not into gangbangs either. A lot of couples have invited me to such and I always turned them down. I'm not into comparing my dick size with others so a woman can get her rocks off having men jerk off over her face. What I do is personal treatment for a couple.

The wife will remain submissive to her lover, just as the hubby will become submissive to her sexual desire to both her and her lover. Such is the flow of energy in the household. You will remain as the breadwinner, however from that moment on, you will become the ceremonial head, whilst she becomes the Prime Minister in the household. Your duty will be to ensure her lingering happiness and always be there to act as support to her wants. Mine would be to dominate and prod you and her to continue down this path.

Such is how it goes, white boi.

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