A weird request (BBC wanted [online])

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  1. AcceptedTruth

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    Hey guys.

    There's a woman I've known for years, and I'd go as far to call her my sexual best friend, even though we've never met - Why haven't we met? Distance :( She's in the US [NC], and I'm in the UK.

    Anyway, for Xmas, I'd love to find her a new chat/cam buddy on Yahoo... If it goes further than that, then that's up to you guys ;) If you want to add her, just drop me a PM with your Yahoo info, and I'll make sure she gets back to you.

    I know it's a bit of a strange request, but it'd mean a lot to me (and her) and probably you, too :p She just gets me going so damn well, but without a webcam right now, so I can't give her anything back.

    Let me know!
  2. Chris Tanner

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    Hey I'm in NC I would be interested
  3. Mr. DR

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    I'm in Raleigh NC also and I have a yahoo ID. I can send it to you.
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