A very nice time!....

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    This isn't master/slave or BBC/cuckhold....just a very nice meeting between two wanting people...

    The Tryst....

    ....according to him....
    As I went down the hall to the elevator, nervous anxiety was in full form. I had to tell myself not to fidget. Others were in the elevator...that helped. So many thoughts and emotions racing through my mind and body. I was clearly alive again...the anticipation of our meeting now seconds away. I walked into the lobby and there she was...my heart racing beyond palpitation now. Quite calmly I uttered "Hi!" and she the same. Her cream colored dress was partially transparent, revealing some but leaving even more to the imagination...of what I would receive, envelop , enjoy...A faint spell rushed over me as I could feel my racing heart miss a beat. I immediately ushered us back to the elevator....our tryst now real...and only moments away.
    Small talk was the order of the moment as we both clumsily seized the opportunity to seem undaunted by the enormity of what awaited us. We exited the elevator and strolled down the hall, then opened the door to the nest that would become the lair of our encounter. As the door shut, we stumbled into "Hello" again before kissing to acquaint ourselves with one another. It was a bit of an icebreaker but not nearly a precursor of what we hoped was to come. We sat on the chais lounge to "get to know each other" a bit before diving in. She removed her sandals and placed her legs on my lap. My heart rushed again as I began to lightly stroke her pale creamy skin and massage her feet. I was gaining comfort, as was she. Her skin felt so smooth under my touch as I slowly and methodically drew lines from her feet up her legs through her inner thighs. She moved to ensure my access to her wanting and waiting womanhood....the prize at the end of this trail....so perfect. I lightly finished the journey with soft brushes over her panties. Oh, if she could be me... feeling what I felt to be touching her!!!
    She then suggested that we move to the bed and "get naked". A request of which I was more than happy to comply. She removed all but her panties and I disrobed in full. My manhood standing at attention in anticipation of what had only been a dream. I removed her panties to reveal the most gorgeous folds of moist womanhood...natural as I had hoped it would be. My mouth watered as my tongue approached her. Oh....the taste! She shuddered and whimpered lightly. My manhood firming even more. She pulled me to her. She wanted me inside her...and I needed to be there. As I slowly entered, she gasped... I moved with the rhythm of our bond...deeper and deeper. She grasped me and her whimpers turned to moans of delight...moans that empowered me...confirmed my manhood...my sense of worth to her...and our tryst. I was alive!!! I was a man. We kissed...soft...passionate...wet. I needed her and her kiss and she me. I was her lover and she my woman.
    Driven by her cries of pleasure I rhythmically stroked her. Our bodies moving together in perfect unison. I kissed and fondled her while we writhed in pleasure. She was my only concern now. Her passion, her pleasure, her safety with me. I was where I sorely wanted to be....needed to be...the keeper of her pleasure. She continued to moan and writhe and I remained steadfast in my commitment to her...there for her...in every way. The passion intensified and she arched her back and squeezed me deeply "Hold me tight!" she urged...I'm going...to...cum!. I held her deeply. We were here...the place of utmost vulnerability for her. She needed to know that she was safe. That this orgasm was safe and she was with the right man with whom to share it. I needed her orgasm as much as she wanted it. She arched even deeper and higher as the waves of pleasure moved through her...and through me....we were one. There was no place better on this planet. As her heightened state subsided, I stroked lighter and more shallow...allowing the entirety of the healing to subside in kind. We were left holding each other in the taste and scent of our sweat and her juices. It was beautiful!
    She now wanted my cum. Wanted me in the same place she was. I was ready and happy to oblige. I stroked methodically, my tongue and mouth anxiously probing for hers. This was so good. So tremendous. I felt the rise of my release beginning. I need her her kiss more now than ever. She was there...available for me. It was now my time to be vulnerable...to know that she was there for me and that I was ok. The rise continued to build.... my pace more deliberate....my need for her mouth and tongue rising as well!!! Then I arrived....my body convulsed as my seed launched into her. I roared deeply. She held on in assurance. I shook as the waves ripped through me. She was right there...kissing me...holding me....nurturing me through it. I was where I needed to be...and wanted to be no other place. Our sweat now intensified and our juices now mixed with my cum. We rested...petted...kissed...stroked and fondled each other. Then rose to the occasion several more times. Each as explosive as the prior. This was perfect. All I could have hoped for and even more. She was perfect...beautiful... and I was strong, capable and assuring.
    We left each other later...reminiscing about how powerful it was...and longing for how wonderful it is yet to be......The Tryst!