A user introduced me! if you dont mind?

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    My first question is (if folks dont mind saying) is have any users on this site actually hooked up? Are there any threads with pictures?

    I never knew about this site till i met a girl who signed up on here for a bit of fun Robin elizabeth.

    I was out in a club in NY where i met a user of this site, (Robin). Wont go into too much detail but went back with her to her house, one of her girls, me and 2 of my boys (family were out for the weekend plus bf currently in a diff country). We stayed for 2 nights and 3 days doing it stright. She made us wear mostlt nothing for the duration but me not comfortable with seeing my boys parts we wore our briefs. A few 4some encounters and lots of one on ones with all 3 of us.
    She insisted she slept inbetween 2 of us while my other boy slept on a fold up with her friend.

    I still meet up with her without my buddys and shes doing her thing im still doing mine.

    She told me about this site and ive always been skepticle about it so im just obbserving for now.
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    There are a lot of fakers and posers on this site blondegiver, but there are also a select few of us who truly do embrace this lifestyle. You will quickly learn who the fakers are and who is real. I am sure you will find some hot, married white pussy on here to take care of your wants, needs and desires. Good Luck and welcome!