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a typical college couple

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Just have to point out, but if it's typical as you say then why did you have to make a fake photoshopped couple?
If your argument is true you should just be able to find a real image.
Of course, it is not "typical", are you kidding:)? But it is fun, it is called imagination, and some kind of art. By photoshop you can exaggerate the image, like a caricature! Why do you take it so serious? Don't you watch movies, read books? Aren't they just a fiction?
Or any of these, I was in college...trust me it is VERY VERY common
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This is from one all black male all white girl party.....and there are dozens of parties like this on every college campus around.

I went to University and there was never anything like this, granted i am not racist, i dated a jamaican, but you pull up pics of the web made for a website and you say its true because here are the pictures?
Hell i can pull up images of anything of the web to back up my argument, even pigs flying.
And if we are talking about campus in America i think you will find there are still places even in 2013 that stop interracial proms let alone party's.


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Whoa doc was outed lol first post without a photoshop pic doc, well done. By the way your hot little body looks better than any of these from what I can see..so far