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I was at a party last night. My wife is a tease and a very attractive woman for her 52 years of age. Toward the end of the night, as a bit of a joke, she sat on this young guy's lap and they shared a fairly passionate kiss. To my surprise my cock began to swell and I found myself turned on by this. I wonder where it will go next.
Awesome! Watching your woman get intimate and kiss all over another man can be absolutely exhilarating! Especially if you can see their tongues rubbing all over eachother with such passion.
Even though my wife has been getting fucked by other men for years, there is still something very erotic about that subject. I've seen other men steer my wife into a secluded area at parties or even at bars for a full on tongue in the mouth kiss and or to cop a quick feel. It's a very mild and minor act but still turns me on.