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A Trip to My Fiancee's Ex-Boyfriend's Home


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A Trip to My Fiancee's Ex-Boyfriend's Home
I had been with my current girlfriend for around a year. her mother called one friday afternoon and said her x bf invited all of us to diner at his new house to celebrate his "taking" of the stock market. we headed to her parents house a good 6 hours drive from our home, deciding that we would spent friday night at their home, than all go to the dinner together. On the drive to her parents home i asked her if the x's whose home we would be eating at was the same ex boyfriend she told me about when we first started dating. she confirmed that it was. Now i have heard ALOT about this guy. They were only together for about 6 months, but the stories that she told me about them never failed to arise jealousy in the deepest parts of my body. Combined with that jealousy i had become (secretly) very turned on by hearing about her past. the stories she told me about him boiled down to, he and her were quite the wild couple. She had her first MMF threesome with him and one of his friends and he loved being watch her show off in public, to her first wet tee shirt contest to him watching her fuck other guys for his pleasure. he really opened her eyes to sexuality and clearly enjoyed watching her show off and being "used," as he put it by other men.

we arrived at her parents home and quickly feel aleep. the next day we separated into different rooms to dress for the dinner. Her parents refused to let us sleep int he same room because we weren't married. While i was dressing she walked into my room wearing a totally sheer black thong that you could clearly see her shaved pussy lips through, she was topless as her 34b breasts bounced with every step she took and in tan stockings. she told me, knowing that I was not too comfortable with attending this dinner that this is what awaited me when we got back. after the little tease she gave me she completed her outfit with a little black backless dress and 3'' black heels. we got in her parents car and headed to her ex boyfriends home. not really a home at all when we arrived but more like a mansion. her ex greeted s at the door of his estate, my head felt like i was smacked across the face when her answered the door-he was BLACK. she never told me that!

he was dressed nicer than all of us in clearly expensive pants and a silk shirt which was unbuttoned enough to show the top part of his hairless muscular chest. he gave her parents a warm hug, shook my hand and gave her a slightly long embrace rubbing her back, as if to see if she was wearing a bra. (as if it wasn't clear enough that she wasn't because every step with her heels caused her breasts to bounce a little). she told me some years ago that he always loved when she was braless, i guess old traditions die hard.

he gave us a tour of half of his mansion and when we arrived in the living room he told her to feel how soft his carpet was. she slipped one of her heels off of her nylon encased foot and rubbed her stocking covered toes on the carpet, i swear he stared at her foot and legs as if she was for dessert. after a semi boring meal where he went on and on about how well he is doing and how much money he made blah blah blah. she and him retired into the living room while her parents insisted in giving a tour of the rest of the home. after the 3rd bedroom we passed by the living room again and she was laying back on the couch with her heels off. she had both of her stocking feet in his lap and he was slowly rubbing her nylon soles. there was something about the view of her soft silk feet being rubbed by his large black hands that made my cock twitch.

we continued on the tour and after a little while longer i said i really should get back to my fiancee. her parents laughed and just said oh stop worrying, its just a foot massage stop getting all jelouse , leave them be for a while. we are almost done anyway. after a solid hour i made my way back to the living room but didn't find them there. her parent were out on the deck admiring the view, but i was on a mission to find them. i wandered around the house for at least 15 minutes but could not find them. moving deeper into the back of the house, I saw the door to the library slightly ajar. i poked my head in side and saw him sitting in a very large conformable reading chair facing the window. i almost said something until i moved into the room a bit more and saw her brown hair covering his lap. no way i thought to myself. i backed out of the room and went to one of the side doors which also lead to the library that i guess the staff used to serve him.

i was able to see through the swinging door that she was on her knees in front of him with her head slowly moving up and down in his lap. i saw that her heels were off to the side, sucking his cock in her stocking feet. her dress was pulled down and he gently massaged her braless breasts while he greedily pushed more of his cock in her mouth. the sight was startling, but i will admit that the view from her stocking soles and her head moving up and down on him was quite a turn on. when she looked up to kiss him i saw that his cock was enormous at least 9 inches and uncut. while they were kissing she ever so gently stroked her hand up and down his slippery cock, pulling the foreskin back and forth over his alrge purple cock head. she than lower her head back into his lap went back to sucking but this time he was speaking to her saying things like, "yea suck it baby", "oh that feel good" " suck it bitch, suck my cock like you always loved to it." after several minutes she got up of he runes and went over to the couch. he elf this hard cock sticking out of his zipper opening and walked towards her. it looked like a lack snake coming out of his pants. she pulled her thong off and put one leg on the back of the couch and the other on the floor. he walked right over to her and slid right into her.

he took his time in sliding his cock fully into her and full out of her making sure she got to feel his full length. every time he got fully into her she let out a soft gasp. i could see her small tight pussy stretching to the max to accept him, he jeu held the base of it and slid his large snake into her over and over again. she opened her legs wide and pointed her stocking feet at opposite ends as he fucked her. he began to pick up his pace no longer gently sliding in and out of her put fucking her harder and harder. i could see her stocking toes curling as he slammed her over and over again. as he was fucking her he was rubbing her breasts and without he the hand holding her ankle making sure she stayed spread wide open and had full access to her pussy.

he than sat on the couch and she climbed on him as i watched her slide his entire length into him. over and over she moved her self up and down on his cock. i could see her beginning to sweat as her back was beginning to get shiny. finally she let out a low moan, clearly the sound of her cumin. she just collapsed into his chest with a mixture of sweat, cum and pleasure. all he said was "no bitch, im not done yet" he put her on her knees on the couch and bend her over and slammed his cock deep into her again. after several minutes he announced that he was going to cum. she begged him, "please cum in me, Please." and he did just that, she moaned loudly as she felt spurt after spurt of his cum shoot deep into her pussy. when he finally pulled out i could see all the cum leaking out of her pussy and down her stockings. i couldn't help but think back to our first date when she barely allowed me to rub her breasts under her sweater while we made out for the first time. i remembered how cute she looked that night in a little back skirt with tan pantyhose and how hard i got as i kissed her for the first time and she kicked her heels off and as we made out i rubbed my hands along her silky nylon legs and feet. i thought back to how many dates when she was totally nude except for her pantyhose and made me leave my boxes on while dry fucking her until i came. look at her now i thought.

i quickly walked away from the door and back into the kitchen area. i was sweating my self at this point, not believing what i just saw. her parent rejoined me and said where is everyone. i didn't know i replied. I told them i just came from the rest room. her parents grabbed another glass of wine and went back to the deck. i stood in the kitchen for a few more minutes expecting them to walk in any minute. finally after 15 minutes or so passed i got anxious and went back to my secret viewing place near the service entrance to the library. I saw him fully dressed again, or at least his cock was tucked into his pants this time. her dress was all fixed and she was holding her heels in her hand. he sat back in his chair and she dropped her heels and straddled him and said, "thank you" to him. she was thanking him i thought. what the fuck? he told her next weekend he was having a birthday party for some of his friends at a club near where we lived and he would love if she would come. she kissed him on the lips and said ill be there.